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The Path To True Love Doesn't Run Smoothly

The Path To True Love Doesn't Run Smoothly

By monroserusher

My name is Jenna and my story starts when I was seventeen years old. In school, I was known for having good grades and boys fancied me although I didn't think I was a looker. My life has always been good. My parents are in a happy marriage and I have gotten on with my family. And I have been blessed with some wonderful friends. Niamh, Natalie, Edel, Maggie and Adam. Teachers liked me and said I'm the best student they ever taught. In school, everyone liked me except for a few people: The Skanks. They were called Kitty, Katie, Kayla, Britney, Kerry, Sophia, Heather and Roxanne. Kitty, Katie and Kayla are cousins. Roxanne was the school ho who ran off with my boyfriend Chris. They're still together even though she cheats on him all the time. Chris and I are very good friends so we've got no hard feelings towards each other. Anyway, back to The Skanks. Katie and Kerry used to be my friends when we were children but we grew apart. Britney is English and she always told me that I'd never amount to anything in life. She said, "You'll never get a job, you'll never marry and you'll never have children. Nobody likes you. You might have friends but people are only pretending to like you. Even your family don't like you." I cried when she said that. Heather was a vain girl who loved herself. She walked around like she was some big name celebrity. Sophia would always do what The Skanks would say. The girl had no mind of her own. My mother always liked her and said, "Someday, you and Sophia will be friends.” I laughed when she said that. My friends are wonderful. Niamh is a rocker who loves rock music. She always tried to convert me but I'll always love my rap music. Edel also tried to convert me too and would sometimes mock my taste in boys. Natalie and I have been friends since childhood. We love each other but she always told people about my crushes. Maggie is my cousin and is known for keeping a secret. Even if you told her a dark, dark secret, your secret would be safe with her. Adam is so funny. He fancied me when I was younger but I saw him as more of a brother. His jokes and impressions of The Skanks make me piss my pants. One day, my life changed forever. Miss Richards, our year head came to our classroom. She said, "Girls and boys. You'll soon have a new student in your class. His name is Paul Miller and he's from America." A week later, Paul arrived to our school. When I saw him for the first time, I fainted

The reason I fainted was because he was so gorgeous. He had a tightly shaven head, luscious kissable lips, gorgeous green eyes, a good cheekbone structure, all of which combined to give him a cute face and he had a hot body. When I fainted, Paul helped me to regain consciousness. He knew what to do as he has taken a first aid course a year earlier. When I woke up, he asked, "Are you okay?" Stuttering, I said, "" When he asked me for my name, my heart started beating and my hands started to shake. I started getting hot flushes then Maggie asked, "Jenna, are you okay?" I lied and said, "I think I feel sick." Paul asked, "Will I ask for you to be sent home?" I stuttered, "Alright." I wanted to go home as I made myself look like a fool in front of the new student. Kitty and her gang thought this was funny and burst out laughing. Paul told them, "Will you cop yourselves on and get lives for yourselves, you pathetic girls?" I came home that day and had butterflies in my stomach because of my first meeting with Paul. For a week, I couldn't find the courage to speak to Paul as I was scared I'd make myself look like an idiot

Girls in our school fancied Paul and would always try to talk to him. Even The Skanks liked him. But then again, they like anything with a pulse and a penis. A week after meeting Paul, he asked me to sit with him for lunch. I said, "I'd love to. But let me get my lunch first." Paul said, "I'll buy your lunch." He offers to get me a chocolate bar. Him and I get talking and he makes eye contact and takes an interest in what I'm saying. I go into class thinking about Paul. "He's different," I thought. What made him different was that he made eye contact with me and some men don't do that like my ex-boyfriend Frankie, who looked at my breasts when he was talking to me. That day, I told my sister Ashley about Paul. She said, "Paul might be good looking but he might be an asshole. You've only known him one day, Jenna love." My dad heard our conversation and said, "Jenna, I have to meet this Paul." I respond, "Dad, Paul is not my boyfriend." My brother Alan came in and says, "Jenna, is Paul your new crush?" I say, "No, he's not." Then Alan says, "Why are you talking about him all day?" I respond, "Because he's my friend." Later on, I'm at Natalie's house and I tell her about my family saying about me liking Paul. Natalie says, "Jenna, you love the guy. Why did you faint last week?" I didn't know what to say. Later on, I think about our conversation and I realise that I love Paul. It's not just a crush. Real love! True love! Oh my God! I was so in love with Paul Miller! Over the next two months, Paul and I became very good friends. We discovered that we have a lot in common. Paul and I love watching movies with Adam Sandler and Chris Rock in them, we love rap music, we love watching The Simpsons, Prison Break and The OC and love to eat chips and burgers. Paul met my family and I met his. My family loved Paul and his family loved me. Paul became friends with my friends and I became friends with his friends, who were called Amanda, Rachel, Mark and Jon. Once I got to know Paul, I knew I had met The One

One day, I had finally worked up my courage to ask Paul out on a date but to my horror, I saw him making out with Kayla, who was one of The Skanks. I burst into tears crying. I knew Kayla was only doing this to get at me as she knew I liked Paul. Every morning, I came into school with red eyes as I had been crying the night before. One of The Skanks, Sophia felt sorry for me and asked if I was okay. I scream at her, "Sophia, piss off!" Mr. Johnson, our teacher hears this and says to me, "Jenna Lawson, I do not like the use of bad language. Apologise to Sophia immediately!" Reluctantly, I say sorry to her. Later on, at lunch, Britney goes up to me and says, "Sophia was only trying to be nice. Besides, I know what your problem is, you sad girl. You're just jealous that Kayla has Paul. Everyone in the school fancies him so you should just keep your little fantasies to yourself." These words worsened my mood. I felt physically sick going into school every day as I knew Kayla and Paul were going to be there and they would also be making out. Charlene, a girl in my year said something to make me feel better. She told me, "Jenna honey. Kayla is one of The Skanks and that gang live up to their name. Her and Paul won't last long"

Three months after I had my heart broken by Kayla and Paul's romance, Natalie tells me, “Jenna, good news! Kayla and Paul have split up!” I scream, "Yay!" Kitty hears this and gives me a bad look. Paul says to me, "Hi, Jenna. I'm sorry I wasn't spending time with you. It's just I was too busy with Kayla." I ask him why he broke up with her. He tells me that Kayla was cheating on him for the whole relationship. For the next four months, our friendship develops again then one day, I try to tell him again how I feel but each time, I backed out. One day, we almost got close to kissing but we didn't do it. I had tried to ask him out before but each time, I got nervous. Nerves weren't to be the only problem me and Paul would experience

One day, I prepared to ask Paul out on a date but then I got a phone call from Kayla. She said, “Paul and I are back together so don't bother us, Jenna!” I believed what she said then burst into tears. Later on that evening, I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and saw it was Frankie, my ex-boyfriend. He begged me to take him back. I would have slapped him but I was so upset over Kayla and Paul that I let him into the house. Him and I started kissing in passion then we headed upstairs and slept together. This helped me to forget Paul for a while. Frankie had a great body with some muscle but it wasn't as nice as Paul's. The next morning, Frankie gives me a cup of coffee in bed then he asks, “Jenna honey. I know you were upset last night. What was the matter?” I tell him about Paul and Kayla. He says, “Paul's a tosser. Forget him. Come back to me, Jenna babe”, then he rubs my cheek. That day, there's a knock on the door. I answer it and see it's Paul. I slam the door. He says, “Jenna, answer the door. I need to say something important.” I shout, “You're back with Kayla! I know that so there's no need to say it, Paul!” Shocked, Paul says, “I'm not back with Kayla.” I shout, “Don't lie, Paul! She told me!” Frankie hears this then says, “Jenna babe. Is something bothering you?” I said, “It's Paul. He's outside.” Frankie said, “Let me deal with him!”, then he goes outside and shouts at Paul, “Leave her alone, yo! Go off back home to Kayla!” Paul says, “Let me talk to Jenna!” He says, “She don't wanna talk to you!” Paul called out my name and said, “Jenna, please! Let me talk to you!” Frankie punched Paul in the face then the two boys had a fight. That evening, I'm feeling upset over the fight then I say to Frankie, “Thanks for getting rid of Paul.” He kisses me on the lips. I remember that Frankie always used to be a good kisser. He says to me, “Why did we break up in the first place?” I say, “Because you went off with Katie Gadd!” Frankie tells me, “I've changed since then, Jenna babe.” He then starts kissing my neck then I kiss him on the lips. We then do it on the couch. My friends tell me, “Why are you back with Frankie Newman?” I tell my friends, “He's changed.” My friends laugh at this. A month after our reunion, I realise my friends were right. Frankie hasn't changed. I witness him making out with Heather Davies. I push Heather, slap Frankie in the face and shout, “Kiss my ass, Frankie! We're over! And this time, it's for good!” I look at Paul, my one true love and say to Frankie, “By the way, you're the tosser, not Paul!”, then walk out with a smile on my face. I go up to Paul and say to him, “Frankie and I broke up.” He coldly says, “Whatever”, then walks away. I feel upset by this

I think about my life since meeting Paul and I realise I can't ignore my feelings for him anymore. I go to his house. He lets me in and I tell him I like him. He says, “Jenna, I did love you but we're obviously not meant to be together. Too much has happened for us to be together. I'm sorry, Jenna.” I run home crying. The next day, my aunt is going to a few countries for two months and asks me to come to take my mind off things. I say I will think about it. I remember what Paul said last night then I decide to go as I need to clear my head. On the day I left, I had second thoughts about travelling as Paul was on my mind. My heart told me to stay in the country and try and work things out with Paul but my head said to go travelling. I spoke to Ashley and she said, “Go travelling. If it's meant to be with Paul, he'd go to the airport to try and stop you.” I thought about what Ashley said all the way to the airport and hoped that Paul would come and stop me. When I went into the plane, I thought to myself, “It's not meant to be.” But as I was waiting for the flight to begin, I saw Paul outside and he was calling my name. I wanted to run out to him but just as I decided to do that, the plane was going up and it was too late for me to go out to him. I went travelling for four months. When I was around the world, I made friends with wonderful people, who I'm still in touch with today. I also saw some fantastic sites and even had a relationship with one of the people I met. But despite all that, I never forgot Paul

My first stop was in London. I went there before when I was younger and I loved it. I went to a football match, looked at a few sites and went to shopping centres. I pretty much did the same thing when I went to the other countries during these four months. I went to Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Rome, Sydney, Montreal and New York. While I was in Sydney, I got a nice tan. In Germany, I understood what they were saying as I studied German in school. In New York, I got myself a boyfriend named David. Him and I got engaged while I was staying there and he agreed to come to Ireland with me. When I came home, I saw Paul was at the airport and he had come with flowers and some presents. He was going to make his move on me until he saw David. When Paul saw the ring on my finger, he left the airport as he was heartbroken. I expected everyone to be happy about me getting engaged but no one was. Maggie said, “Why are you marrying David, Jenna?” I tell her, “I'm doing this because I love him.” Maggie said, “You're doing this to forget Paul. Please reconsider the marriage, Jen. You obviously love Paul very much.” I think about this and realise that I can't marry David. He's a nice guy but I wanted to be with Paul. So I had to break off our engagement. I wanted to do this without upsetting him but I was too scared to. It took a month for me to pluck up the courage. When I finally did it, he was naturally upset but he understood as he knew I loved Paul. We agreed to remain friends

I was finally free to make my move on Paul. That evening, I came to see him but when he answered the door, he saw I had come and shut the door. I shouted out, “Paul, I have to say something important.” He said to me, “If it's to do with your wedding to David, I don't want to hear about it.” I tell him, “The wedding's off.” He answers the door. Paul says to me, “Jenna, I'm so sorry. What happened?” I tell him, “We weren't right for each other.” We get talking to each other then I hold his hand and I smile at him. I look into his gorgeous eyes and say, “Paul, I need to say something to you. I really want to be your girlfriend.” He says to me, “Jenna, you are a nice girl but I think we should just be friends.” I agree to be his friend and he offers for me to come down to his house the next night. I tell Maggie about this and she says to me, “Paul's probably scared. He likes you. He loved you since the first day he saw you.” Later on, I think about what Maggie said and slowly I begin to realise she was right. He gave me first aid when I fainted, told off Kitty when she was mocking me, he got me my lunch one day, always made eye contact with me and took an interest in what I was saying and had tried to tell me so many times how he feels. The next day, I prepare to go to Paul's house. I planned to give myself a sexy look. One that will grab his attention. I straightened my hair, put on a tiny bit of make up and wore a sexy blue dress with white heels. Before I left, Ashley saw what I was wearing. She said, “Paul will see what he's missing when you come over.” When I came over, Paul sees what I'm wearing. Impressed, he says, “Wow.” We sit on the sofa and talk then he says, “I thought we would just be friends.” I say to Paul, “I want more than just friendship. I know you feel the same way, Paul.” He said, “I do want to be your boyfriend but I'm scared I'll mess it up. I'm scared you'll think I'm boring.” I say, “What makes you think that, Paul?” He says, “I like to take things slowly in a relationship. I'm also very good to my girlfriend when I'm in a relationship.” I said to Paul, “What you just said makes me love you more.” Paul looked into my eyes, kissed me and said, “I want us to have a relationship, Jenna.” I said, “So do I.” He asked me, “Would you like to go out sometime?” I tell him, “I'd love to”

Paul and I took our relationship slowly. We waited three months for our first kiss as a couple. We took our time when we kissed and that felt right. Out of all the guys I kissed, Paul was the best. He didn't try to stick his tongue all the way down my throat and he certainly didn't dribble. He gave me a slow, soft, sensual kiss. I was tingling after he kissed me. Four months into out relationship, Paul told me he loved me. He told me one night when we were in bed. He said he didn't want to tell me straight away as he was scared he'd ruin our relationship. Three months later, Paul and I made love for the first time. At first, we were scared but once we got over our nerves, we enjoyed it. My first time with Paul felt special as we didn't feel under any pressure to do it. He helped me to feel relaxed as he was so gentle

It's four years later and Paul and I are still together and we're so happy. Him and I recently moved in together. We're building a house and planning to move into it next year but for the moment, we're living in an apartment, which my mom bought for us. If you're wondering what happened in the last four years, this is what happened: Sophia left The Skanks and is now a friend of mine. As for the rest of The Skanks, Britney had a baby while we were still in school. Kerry is pregnant and doesn't know who the father is. Kitty is a cleaner, Katie has four children by different fathers, Kayla works in a chipper and the rest of them have no jobs. As for the rest of my friends, Maggie is in a college in England doing nursing. Edel is also in college doing law. Natalie is going to college in Dublin. Niamh is doing arts in college. She's going out with a goth who loves rock music like her. Ashley is teaching in a primary school and Alan is in college hoping to set up his own business. If you're wondering what happened to my ex-boyfriend Frankie, he's still pulling girls around town even though he has a girlfriend. As for me and Paul, we both went to college. He's hoping to be a teacher and I'm going to work with computers. Every morning when I wake up, I feel so good. My life is going good. I've got a degree in computer science, a good family, wonderful friends and a boyfriend who loves me very much. Paul is still as gorgeous as the day I met him. Not only is he perfect in the looks department but he's wonderful as a person. Every morning, he tells me how beautiful I am and how he's so glad to be with me. We may have arguments sometimes but we make up afterwards. When it comes to getting presents, Paul's no cheapskate. He gets me beautiful perfume, gorgeous clothes, cute teddies and anything else I'd be interested in having. Paul is a sweet guy who always looks out for me. When I'm upset or having a problem, he's always there to talk. He always makes sure I'm happy and have a smile on my face. As for plans in the future, we plan to get married in the next two years even though he hasn't proposed yet. I have a feeling he's planning to do it soon. We plan to try for a baby in the next five years. Right now, we're too young to start a family. As I tell my story, I'm in bed waiting for my gorgeous boyfriend Paul to come into bed and cuddle up next to me. I love this man and want to stay with him forever

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