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The Picture-Perfect Family (Revised)
The Picture-Perfect Family (Revised)

The Picture-Perfect Family (Revised)


The picture-perfect family was seen at the Football games. But the picture had secrets scribbled all over it. A dad an alcoholic gone from 10 pm to 4 am but he swears this is the last time. A mom hard at work till work was no longer. Now an added member just 2 months makes this mess much harder. But they kept the smiles, smiles kept their secrets safe from the public.

The daughter Gabriella stares into the mirrors at the malls wondering why her bikini body wasn’t the body that Society accepts. The more followers she wants means the more makeup she needs. The little girl who wanted to be a princess now just wants to be pretty.

Their son Max, the captain of the football team has a forbidden secret which would only bring shame to the family’s name. They say he’s wired different but he’s not buying it. He just wants to be “normal” but How can the quarterback be in love with the linebacker?

Momma said just one more glass about 2 bottles ago. The next morning mom gets ready for an interview and is out the door as soon as dad enters for the first time all night. No words were exchanged because their facial expressions said enough. Where did it go wrong? High school sweethearts now look at each other like strangers, but over time they both became good actors.

Gabriella upstairs following her morning routine as usual. One foot, two foot up on the scale. Three pills, four pills. Take till you are no more. Five, six bottles of water. seven or eight pounds lighter. And she tops it off with a ponytail with nine or ten blonde strands left in her hands. But Gabby still whispers “I have it under control.” She takes as long as possible so she has to miss breakfast.

That morning Max breaks up with his girlfriend because he only finds peace in his green-eyed guy friend's gaze. At least he tried to tell himself he was just a friend. His father said be a man. His friends said look at her ass. But his mind, his mind got lost in the eyes...The eyes of his best friend

By 3rd period, our Cheerleader started to get dizzy and the football star couldn’t keep up the fake smile. 3 hours later mom didn’t get a call back from her interview and dad went to buy more beer. Not to mention the baby didn’t recognize his parents after daycare.

When Gabriella got home she ran upstairs adding, subtracting, remembering the labels, the calories, the sugars, and sodium, so on. The number haunted her, it taunted her.

Max fell to the ground but even the carpet offered no comfort. This sadness felt no sympathy for him. He was trapped, no one there to listen, no one dared to care. “MEN don’t have emotions.” “MEN are strong.” “MEN are meant to be with women.” That's just how the tale is told. The sacred scripture says he is evil. A mistake, something defective that needs to be fixed. They would say he's just confused, he is trying to believe them. He wants to believe them.

Author Notes: This is just a revised version of this story. I bet there are still some mistakes, so please point them out if you find any!

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7 Jan, 2021
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2 mins
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