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The Picture
The Picture

The Picture


It is said that every person has a place in this world; every person has got a purpose to be on the earth. But we common people always think that this purpose is to have sufficient money so that we can spend our lives happily. So every person gets into the race of earning money…. I am also a candidate running for my happiness….. I know what I want, I know what I need, I know the path, so I start my race… but I didn’t know it was so difficult to reach my goal the path looks pretty much easy from the distance, especially after I have crossed so many large hurdles in my life successfully…. Or so I had thought…..

I stumbled on my very first step. Totally shaken I looked around for help. I found many people willing to help but only a few trustworthy. But this was my race and I had to keep going on my own. Those people could only support me, wipe my perspiration, give me water…. But in the end it was I who would have turn and reach the goal. But everything turned chaotic, the people whom I loved, needed were far away from me…. I could still see the finishing line so I decided to give it a try to reach it. I started running again, but all the participants were moving in random directions. I stumbled across my path, fell, got hurt, I felt as if I could never make it. I wanted to cry, I wanted someone to come hold me tightly in their arms and say that they would always be there for me, that they loved me…. I felt lost; I was tired of fighting the crowd who tried to push me down further and further. Everything was growing dizzy, I could no more hear the chaos, I thought I was fainting…. I had almost made my mind to give up… but then suddenly, very far down in the aisle, in the middle of the chaos, I saw something which made my heart stutter. It was a picture of ME. It was just PERFECT. I was happy to no ends, he was clutching my hands, looking into my eyes with such intensity, that I could have walked on fire bed just to live that moment. My family was by my side… my parents and grandparents had tears in their eyes but a small smile on their lips, which told me how much they adored me, My sister just too proud to utter a word…..

The picture was so fascinating that in spite of my innumerable bruises, I got up, shaking off the dizziness and feeling the strength of the people whom I loved, in me, started running towards my destiny….THE PICTURE…..

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About This Story
18 Oct, 2017
Read Time
2 mins
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