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The Pig That Thought It Was a Chicken
The Pig That Thought It Was a Chicken
This story has some quality issues

The Pig That Thought It Was a Chicken

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Early one morning, there was a farm which wasn't that popular. It had 4 cows, 5 chickens, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 1 horse, 6 sheep and 3 pigs. One of the pigs were different in their messy personalitys. This pig was strange, weird and had no commonsense what so ever! The pig was called Peppa. Peppa was funny, well we can say (tried to be funny) but never was. He wasn't good at making friends but he was good at being a pink, thoughtful pig (chicken). Now here is the story of 'The Pig That Thought He Was A Chicken'. Read on :)

So Peppa went to get her breakfast early one sunny morning, she had a nice, massive bucket of swill. She loved it! After that, she went to play in the mud, until she saw her relatives (which didn't really like her) playing with their piglets. She stared at them in suprisement and said,

"Wow! What some lovely piglets you have their! May I have one?" She walked to them, glancing and skipping in happiness. The farmer was having some tea so the pigs escaped, as he left the gate open! The other pigs said,

"No,no,no! You can't have our babies! Get your own!" They cursed, running away.

Author Notes: This is a funny story for kids, it's not true :)

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9 Feb, 2017
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