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The Popcorn Owl
The Popcorn Owl

The Popcorn Owl


"What about this one, Tina?" Asked Liz

Tina replied, "No, it needs to be a little shorter."

"I thought it was a good size," Liz said sighing.

"Hmm, what about this one," asked Tina to everyone.

"I think that one would look beautiful in the living room," said the girl's mother, "What do you think, Liz?"

"I like it; it's small enough that it's adorable but big and full enough to look majestic," She replied.

"Well then, this is it!" "Sweetie, could you help me with cutting it down?" asked their dad.


When the little owl awoke, he felt warm. This tree is mighty cozy," he thought as he shut his eyes to go back to sleep.

"You're not supposed to do it like that!"

Why not.!

"What's that!" He thought, opening one eye. Gasping he realized that he wasn't in the forest anymore, and the noises were from the two girls giggling on the floor. The walls looked like trees had grown sideways, and the sky was out of sight. He decided there and then that he would hide in that tree until dark, and then he would look for a way out.

"Girls! It's time for bed. Take a break from your popcorn stringing and go to sleep," yelled a woman's voice in the other room.

"But mom, all we need is to hang it on the tree!" yelled the girl who he heard was called Liz.

"Fine! But after that, you two get to bed." Yelled back the voice called mother.

"Okay, mommy, we will!" the smaller of the girls said.

"We need to hurry up and hang this up." "Tina, you get that side of the string, and I'll take this side," Liz explained.

After that, all was quiet, and the owl started looking for a way to get outside, but he was a little peckish, so he found something to eat.

"THE POPCORN!" Yelled Liz in the morning.

"Who did this?" Asked mom demandingly, "Was it one of you girls?"

"No, mom, we were both in bed." The girls said almost in unison.

"It could've been both of them," said dad.

"No, if it was both of them, they would have giggled up a storm."

"Apparently, we have a flying rat in this house," Mom sarcastically said. "We will just remake it. I'll let some light in here." She said, throwing the curtains on the window aside.

While this was happening, the owl felt rather stressed as the humans were surrounding the tree, and when he saw the window, he FLEW out of his hiding place, thinking that this was his chance to escape.


"Was that a bird?" Dad said as the family moved towards the window.

"It looks like an Owl?" Mom said, confused.

"Aww, poor thing," Said tina.

"I'll go put it out of misery." Said the father

"NO!" yelled both Tina and Liz." I'll get it back to health papa. And I'll help her," said both girls.

"Girls, "their dad started to say as their mother cut him off.

"Sweetie, it's fine. Give them a chance."

"Fine," Dad grumbled"

"Thanks mom! Thanks, dad!" The girls said as they ran to get supplies.

After some time, the owl was ready to go back into the wild. The owl had learned to love the two daughters and respected mom and dad, and the family loved him the same. The family dragged their feet as they went outside, then let him go, knowing that they would probably never see him again. But after opening their gifts on Christmas day, they heard a tap on the window. When they looked at the window, a small owl was staring at them, waiting for them to let him in. The owl came and went from the family's home randomly from time to time. Every time the family hears a tap on the window, two girls rush to the kitchen giggling, to make some popcorn.

Author Notes: I made this around Christmas time i just forgot to submit it.

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22 Jan, 2021
Read Time
3 mins
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