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The Possession Of Jimmy Quails

The Possession Of Jimmy Quails

By Jtodx90

      The possession of jimmy quails
           By Jeremiah Oxenrider

               Authors note
    This is a true story the names of the people involved  have been changed for their protection.  On a personal note have you ever known fear and I'm not talking about a fear of snakes,spiders and phobias. I mean real fear; fear like a person feels when the are faced with there own mortality or when facing the unknown.  Like when you stare into a dark forest or even a room waiting to see some thing move in the darkness.  Cause the real monsters and demons lurk with in ourselves.  We as humans are capable of evil things;  you see it everyday in the news arrivals of rape, murder, child abuse, wife beatings ect.  But it is willpower and faith that can help us overcome these acts of evil and make is good. If you just have faith and the willpower to do good you will overcome your inner demons.


               Chapter1the beginning

  Jimmy Quails was just a normal boy of 18. He had some friends that would do just about anything for him.  There was one guy who he hated his name was Fred Johansen; he constantly put him down and belittled Jimmy.   Fred considered  Jimmy a friend but an inferior one.
Jimmy started to become depressed   From the constant bullying;  his friends knew something was wrong but didn't know exactly what was wrong.  Jimmy kept in a happy face and laughed everything off but inside he was crying.  Crying for someone to understand what he was going through with Fred. Fred was an only child and got everything he ever wanted and usually it was the best one.  This is a fact he rubbed in Jimmy's face all the time.

  One of Jimmy's friends a guy named Bill Prescott  bought a professional voice recorder cause he was a paranormal buff.  Jimmy asked if he could barrow the record, of course Bill said yes. So the next day Jimmy set up the recorder in his basement and left it there for the whole day.  That night Jimmy texted his other friend  Jack Wellington they were talking about the day and how about Fred was being huge dick that day cause he got a new game that Jimmy couldn't afford and Fred made it a point that Jimmy wouldn't understand how to play it. This pissed Jimmy off to no end and made him start to think he was inferior. He thought he was worthless  and weak, which sent him into an even more deep depression. He laid all that night in bed wondering contemplating his life and if it will be worth sticking around.

              Chapter2the voice
    The next day was a Saturday, Jimmy slept in that day and got up around 12.  He went down stairs ate dinner; he then went to the store to pick up a few groceries for his mother. When he got back he went up to his room to play video games.  Around 2 Jimmy went down to check the recorder he picked it up and turned it off. He them went up to his room to listen to what was on it; Jimmy listen to it for about 90 minutes and heard nothing, but about the time he picked it up at 2 there was a whisper a voice. He couldn't understand it but it happened right before he had  picked it  up  down stairs. This shook him up quit a bit, later that day Bill stopped by to hangout and see if Jimmy found any thing on the recorder.  Bill was excited when he heard the the voice and they listened to it over and over again.

   Sunday was pretty uneventful not much happened Jimmy went to church with his family and came home and played video games the went on facebook for a while, then later on went to bed.  That night he had a strange dream he was on a long narrow hallway and as he moved threw the hallway there was a strange symbols a circle with two dots as he neared the end of the hallway there was a gate. The gate was metal with thorns wrapped around it and covered in blood.  As he approached the gate he touched it at the point a demon appeared. It had no face but it was twisted it spoke to him in a dark voice. You will kill your whole family and you will enjoy it, also you will make a circle with two dots which is my symbol with their intestines,said the demon. Jimmy suddenly woke up sweating profusely  not knowing what to do or how to feel.  He never told his parents about the dream or the voice, not even his friends that day in school Fred was doing what he did best which was bragging and picking on Jimmy.  As the months went by Jimmy could feel his sanity slipping away.  His friends and family  couldn't help him with this problem, and what made it worst is that his mother was always asking what's wrong cause she knew something was up.  

        Chapter3 the second dream

    On Tuesday night Jimmy went to bed feeling uneasy and a little afraid. As he drifted off to sleep he was not alone a dark winged figure was watching him. He awoke in his room immediately he realized he was dreaming, he heard a noise behind him he spun around and saw the hulking figure and ran as he ran the figure which he soon figured out was the same demon that spoke to him in his last nightmare.  The demon chased him around his house he saw the symbol created out of intestines and eye balls. Then the thing that horrified him the most was his family in the basement murdered. They each were naked and disembowled which in his sobbing he realized where the body parts came from to make the symbols. He quickly ran back up to his room and locked the door, he ran to his bed to open the window to escape but the demon came right through the door blowing it to pieces it lunged at him as it came for him Jimmy  woke up in a cold and frightening sweat.

 He finally got up the nerve to tell his parents about the dream and the voices.  His mother said maybe he should see a psychiatrist; so Jimmy made an appointment with doctor Cindy Mconnal  she listen to him tell her about Fred and then about the voice on the recorder.   Next came the dreams which disturbed her and made her very uncomfortable but she was very professional about it; and told him it was all physiological and gave him some meds to subdue him.  Later that day he got home and took the pills and sat in his room on the computer.  He started to hear a voice in his head and it drove him crazy all that night he couldn't get to sleep at all.  He new he'd be safe from dreams cause he was taking a drug called Hypnosille a dream suppressant.  The voice in his head kept saying " kill them KILL THEM ALL!" Over and over again. He slowly started losing grip with his sanity and reality, at school he had a hard time paying attention and he wasn't getting any sleep.  His teachers and parents were worried about him his  psychiatrist was testing him all the time and evaluating him then all at once he felt fine.  

        Chapter4 the possession

    Jimmy awoke to find himself feeling unusually happy and his confidence was high.  He went to school that Friday in high sprites his friends seemed glad but worried still cause they knew something was wrong.  But it was good to see Jimmy finally happy;  his grades picked back up and and he had a girl on each arm everyday this pissed Fred off to no end cause he couldn't get a date to save his soul. Little did Fred or Jimmy know that Jimmy's soul did in fact need saving, because this new found confidence came from an inner demon one that was growing in strength everyday.   Jimmy and Bill and Jack were hanging out in Jimmy's basement just talking and joking around. He asked them if they would like some soda and they said yes so he went to get some.

   When he came back down with the drinks he stopped and dropped the drinks and stared at Bill and Jack for a long time. Bill asked him if he was ok but he did not answer he just stared. Suddenly Jimmy's limbs started to turn in awkward positions, his bones popped and cracked. His head turned in such a way that his chin was pointing to the right. At this point Jack jumped off the couch and ran outside; Bill coward on the couch as him gazed at him with an open mouth blank expression.  Then Jimmy  walked up stairs his arms were still twisted and his hands drug along the walls. Bill heard a sound like something fell and smashed on the floor, them there was the laugh Jimmy laughed ok such a way that it sounded like he had two mouths laughing at once. It was loud and long when the laughter stopped Jimmy walked back, down stairs and dropped on the floor.  His limbs slowly twisted back into place and he awoke and stood back up Jack returned to the basement and he and Bill went over to Jimmy and helped him up Bill was amazed and frighten at what he just witnessed.  Jimmy was just plain scared and afraid that it might happen again Jimmy new that it was his inner demon that did that to him. He was afraid that if it were to do that again it might make him kill his family.  At one point he tried to commit suicide but for some reason the demon took control again and stopped him from succeeding.


 After that episode  Jimmy decided to try religion so he went to church and talked to his preacher about god and the devil and if god could help him in his battle against his inner demon.  Which the preacher advised him to let god into his heart and let him help Jimmy over come his inner demon.   So Jimmy prayed every night before he went to bed, and after a while Jimmy started to think that maybe the demon was helping him gain self confidence and teaching him to stand up for himself. He knew though that if that was the plan he still had to keep it from growing. So after a couple years it stopped completely and Jimmy was happy and more confident than ever before.  He went to college and met new people also he reconnected with an old friend.  After a dropping out of college and getting a job at his local grocery store he decided he was gonna go back to school.  He decided to go for carpentry, which he knew something about.  Fred went on to college to be an architect but now works at a deli in Harrisburg but his ego didn't die like his dreams did it grew in size.  Bill works at dorney park and Jack works at a wal  -mart. Jimmy still lives at home but now works for a local contractor to gain experience.

   Jimmy still remembers the possession but has only told one person me. And he still goes into his basement but now with a new look on the darkness that lurks with in it and him.  Before he goes down he doesn't turn the light on an stares at the emptiness and the dark abyss for like the old saying goes; when you stare into the abyss know also that the abyss also stares back into you.  The real demons lurk within ourselves for some they are helpers to over come fears and build up confidence. But for others they are monsters that turn them into  evil people who are capable of monstrous things like rape, and murder. It is my belief that even with inner demons that are evil; we can over come them if we only let god into our hearts.  

                The end

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21 Jun, 2014
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