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The pounding of the heart

The pounding of the heart

By alexander - 1 Review

Pulling the heart apart watching the emotion flow and seep into the ground.

Being wasted in dark quite dirt that stays forever the same.

We see the end of humans as the heart beats but nothing breaths, thoughts leave at the finger tips with no stopper set.

We see the send button as a bomb blast leaving craters as we go.

The heart keeps pumping sending much needed life to simple cells that power along as we push our heads down.

To scream at another because of a phone. That what you say may kill another's heart your words that pile up on the comments.

Seeing the unfiltered person speak thinking there safe from harm, emotions run dry, you hide and die inside.

Running a deficit in a world full of everything, you sit there thinking nothing new exists,

To bring a soft beat down that a him is louder, you write the same as the others bring the anger full circle no longer caring that what you say may hurt.

For the joy is absolute the pleasure in the misery, we sit and point it like a knife and type along with everyone else and see the damage grow.

The heart is dead it needs CPR but no one is around to do the work, you sit in your home built empty and still seeing the space where nothing lives.

You sit and work feeling with your head, as your veins turn narcotic everything slows on your throne of words and greed, till all you see is the cold white screen.

Ending with the brain so robotic it pushing against the brain to keep moving forward never stopping to fix the damage left behind.

The mix of control and no emotion makes being happy simple pretend to smile and laugh along your brain will make it happen.

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1 Apr, 2018
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