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The Power of Dreams Part #1
The Power of Dreams Part #1

The Power of Dreams Part #1

Legolas_GreenleafLegolas Greenleaf
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Before you read the roller coaster of confusion you made the mistake of reading, let me tell you a little bit about me and my sorority. I am Hailey Grant and I’m apart of the Sweet Sisters Sorority, which only has 7 other girls. First, there’s Camila Daya Littleton, she has long black hair and cool green eyes, which pop against her pale skin, and she is the smartest girl you will ever meet, annoying most of the times, but we do owe her something. I mean if it weren’t for her, the rest of us would be flunking...well everything. Then there’s Sierra Mist, she is so full of ideas for various things like a cool new way to draw or how to engineer a machine to do the dishes, we’re all surprised that she doesn’t tear at the seams. There’s also Amelia Freya Charming, she’s pretty as she is witty and athletic, she also lives up to her last name with her big brown eyes, tan skin and long light brown hair fading to azure blue at the tips, she’s as charming as charming gets and as strong as strong gets, of course, she’s the one who makes sure we all stay fit, like an athletic version of Camila.

Abbi Samantha Metros next, she is short, but then again everyone looks short next to me, I’m exactly 6 feet tall, she has skin the color of milk chocolate and bobbed hair the shade of a shadow on a summer's day. There’s only one way to describe Abbi, a peacemaker, and a Saint, if there was no Abbi we’d all be in full-body casts from the occasional fistfight with one another, though we are all great friends we still fight once in a while. One of my best friends since forever is Gabby Kelly Lee, she’s definitely almost as tall as me, with dark skin and brown eyes and musical talents that would most definitely give all the popular new singers a run for their money, another one of her many talents is cooking, she makes sure we eat healthy, which for us college students means something other than ramen noodles.

One of the girls names is Taylor Elizabeth Allen, or as she likes to be called Tea because her initials spell out tea, she has extremely long and thick blonde hair warm soft skin and she’s always talking about the latest fashion, and, (though she thinks no one knows her secret), she always locks all the doors before we leave and won’t open them until she deems us fashionably fit. Lastly, there’s Bella Victoria Verboten, she’s a troublemaker if I’ve ever seen one. She’s the one who got us into this mess, she’s always going to the same bookstore buying more and more fiction novels, or fake spell books, she loves that kinda stuff. It was a cool autumn evening when she brought home the spellbook, marked on the cover with the words...

Chapter 1

Helga's Spells

“I’m back!” Bella shouted through the sorority entry hall, the entry hall had cream-colored tile and a set of tan carpeted stairs to the left that led up to our rooms. “Bella, Hey!” Tea shouted in her high pitched voice from her room, “Hi Bella” I said sitting in the living room in front of the entry hall, I was on a large black velvet armchair reading my favorite book, Lord of the Rings and the Two Towers for the 1,000th time. “Guess, what I got from the bookstore today Hailey?” Bella inquired of me. “I dunno, a new book?” I said too interested in my book to give a serious answer, “of course it’s a book, but what kind of book?” Bella continued to prod at me. “Ummmm….ah….The Lord of the Rings?” I answered carelessly, I knew she already got that last week but I didn’t care, I just wanted to read what happened at the battle of helm's deep. “No, silly, can I get a drum roll, please A SPELLBOOK! At half off the original price too.” Bella shouted to excited to use her inside voice. “That’s cool Bella but the spaghetti is ready so you can talk about it over dinner” a voice came from the kitchen, Gabby was, as usual, right on time with dinner.

At the table, Bella told everyone else about her fun find at the bookstore, she didn’t believe in all that hocus pocus stuff, but she thought it was fun to play with it. After telling us all about the spellbook and the words scrawled on the cover that read Helga's Spells she told us “it has a spooky backstory to it too, the lady told me that one night, it was a bad storm and she was getting ready to close up shop, just when a lady in ragged clothing came in shivering from the cold, she told me that she asked the lady what she needed and the lady handed her this book and said

‘don’t sell it, this book contains the knowledge of my master and the knowledge that I have passed on, all this knowledge is too much for the human soul to carry, just don’t sell it, put it in your back room and let it be forgotten, for generations and generations to come’ all while talking the lady hacked and coughed, and looked rather sickly, of course, the woman at the bookstore considered it to be twice its original price just because of this cool backstory, but she didn’t get the chance to ask why she couldn’t sell it because the lady walked out of the store and then, get this, got hit or rather sucked up by lightning, so she put it up for 12 bucks the very next day, but for 2 years it didn’t sell, so made it half off and who should come in but me to buy the book!”

Bella finished out of breath because of her excitement. “Wow, Bella that’s really cool, we could do one of the spells tonight in Gabby and I’s room” Sierra suggested, “Yea let’s do it!” Amelia agreed, and soon after Bella, Abbi, Camilia, Taylor and I all decided that we could do it.

Chapter 2

If you can’t read the warning, DON’T DO THE SPELL

It was dark inside Gabby and Sierra’s room at 2:30 at night, the windows had the blackout curtains drawn, and there were only a few fairy lights to illuminate the room, which meant we had to watch our step so as to not step on the little odds and ends on their floor and then join everyone in making a small circle. “Okay let’s do this” Sierra whispered “do you have a spell chosen Bella? After all, it is your book” Sierra finished. “Yea I thought this one, something about gaining something with a P would be fun, the words are so worn out I can barely read them, I can only read a few letters on some, I can read clear enough the instructions, but the bottom and top of the pages words are so dated, I can barely tell if there were any words there in the first place,” Bella warned. “Well, I doubt it was anything important.” Gabby reassured us all, “But what if it was, oh I don’t know, THE WARNING?!” I rebutted.

“Oh please, Hailey, you just read too many books, besides who would leave a warning... totally lame,” Amelia responded. “Okay fine, fine just don’t say I didn’t warn you,” I said, a little hurt that they didn’t take me seriously, but that’ll be their problem, not mine, even though I’m still going along with this idiocy, so I guess it’s mine as much as it is theirs… uhh, I hate myself for going along with this nonsense. “Anyway,” Bella started “let’s read the instructions, first we need ‘a treasure of old’ I’m guessing that means a favorite childhood toy or something, then we’ll need ‘wealth of today’ okay a treasure that’s fairly new, and almost done, ‘a ravens feather and a doves feather’ okay I think I have both in my bookmark collection somewhere, we can use that and then last but not least… ‘a dream’ okay this one I don’t get, are we supposed to sleep or write down a dream we’ve had and mix it up with the rest of the stuff?”

Bella finished obviously complexed at the final riddle if you could even call it that. “Give it to me already let me read the whole thing,” I said, Bella reluctantly handed me the book and I read aloud the whole list of things and an incantation at the end that read “Feather of a raven, feather of a dove, a dream of hope or a dream of love, let it be known to the skies above, the power you get is the power you dreamt.”

I chanted then read the rest of the instruction quietly, “okay, it looks like we’re supposed to put all of the items in the center of the circle then say the chant 3 times over and...go to sleep, so I guess that explains the last instruction.” I finish. And soon we had everything needed for the spell sitting in the middle of our circle we all linked hands, closed our eyes and started chanting Feather of a raven, feather of a dove, a dream of hope or a dream of love, let it be known to the skies above, the power you get is the power you dreamt. Feather of a raven, the feather of a dove, a dream of hope or a dream of love, let it be known to the skies above, the power you get is the power you dreamt. Feather of a raven, the feather of a dove, a dream of hope or a dream of love, let it be known to the skies above, the power you get is the power you dreamt.

At the beginning of the third chant, I started to feel a breeze but all the windows and the door was closed. Near the middle, I could see the light getting brighter thru my eyelids, and at the very end the ‘breeze’ became a strong gust of wind that opened the windows and door and the light became strong as all the lights spontaneously turned on, then off, then on, then off, then on again as the wind continued to mess up our hair, we started to hear bone-chilling howls that made us all huddle together, and as soon as it started, it stopped and we were left in the pitch black with not even the fairy lights to lighten the room, Gabby got up and tried to turn on the lights, the only one that wasn’t scared was Bella who said “Ah, but we are not finished friends what still remains, is to fall into sleep and dream of the night we just had” Bella said with an eerie tone about her, gosh that girl could scare the bejeebers out of you. So we did as we were told and got up to go to our rooms, Camila tried to turn on the hall light, with no luck, so we all walked to our rooms with a chill in our hearts in the dark of 3:00 at night, the witching hour…

That night, I had the most wonderful dream despite the scary circumstances. I dreamt that it was basketball tryouts and that none of the guys wanted me on their teams because I was slow but then as quick as lightning, I went around the world, being fast enough to even walk on water, collecting a little something from everywhere I stopped, and when I was back in the gym, they didn’t even know what happened, all they knew is one second I only had a basketball under my arm with a too big basketball uniform then FLASH the next I was holding a half-eaten mochi between my teeth, wearing an authentic, navy blue and orange german dirndl instead of the uniform, and a few other random things in my hands. And soon everyone was fighting to have me on my team. Strange that when I was running in my dreams, I felt my legs pumping in real life, and get this, keeping up with the legs in my dream. I wonder what everyone else dreamt that night. Anyway, I really liked that dream because I’ve always wanted to have a super speed superpower.

Author Notes: I will be posting this at random intervals 1 chapter at a time. I just posted 3 this time because I had already written three.

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Legolas Greenleaf
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4 Nov, 2019
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