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The Power of Dreams Part #1
The Power of Dreams Part #1

The Power of Dreams Part #1

Legolas_GreenleafπŸ“ π’žπ’½π“Šπ’Έπ“€ πŸ“

β€œI’m back!” Bella shouted through the sorority entry hall, the entry hall had cream-colored tile and a set of tan carpeted stairs to the left that led up to our rooms. β€œBella, Hey!” Tea shouted in her high-pitched voice from her room, β€œHi Bella,” I said sitting in the living room in front of the entry hall, I was on a large black velvet armchair reading my favorite book, Lord of the Rings and the Two Towers for the 1,000th time. β€œGuess, what I got from the bookstore today Hailey?” Bella inquired of me. β€œI dunno a recent book?” I said, too interested in my book to give a serious answer, β€œof course it’s a book, but what kind of book?” Bella continued to prod at me. β€œUm… ah... The Lord of the Rings?” I answered carelessly, I knew she already got that last week but I didn’t care, I just wanted to read what happened at the battle of helm's deep. β€œNo, silly, can I get a drum roll, please A SPELLBOOK! At half off the original price too.” Bella shouted too, excited to use her inside voice. β€œThat’s cool Bella, but the spaghetti is ready so you can talk about it over dinner” a voice came from the kitchen, Gabby was, as usual, right on time with dinner.

At the table, Bella told everyone else about her fun find at the bookstore. She didn’t believe in all that hocus pocus stuff, but she thought it was fun to play with it. After telling us all about the spell book and the words scrawled on the cover that read Helga's Spells she told us β€œit has a spooky backstory to it too. The lady told me that one night, it was a bad storm and she was getting ready to close up shop, just when a lady in ragged clothing came in shivering from the cold, she told me she asked the lady what she needed and the lady handed her this book and said β€˜ don’t sell it, this book contains the knowledge of my master and the knowledge that I have passed on, all this knowledge is too much for the human soul to carry, just don’t sell it, put it in your back room and let it fall into forgetfulness, for generations and generations to come’ all while talking the lady hacked and coughed, and looked rather sickly. The woman at the bookstore considered it to be twice its original price just because of this cool backstory, but she didn’t get the chance to ask why she couldn’t sell it because the lady walked out of the store and then, get this, got hit or rather sucked up by lightning, so she put it up for 25 bucks the very next day, but for 2 years it didn’t sell, so made it half off and who should come in but me to buy the book!” Bella finished out of breath because of her excitement. β€œWow, Bella that’s cool, we could do one spell tonight in me and Gabby’s room,” Sierra suggested, β€œYeah let’s do it!” Amelia agreed, and soon after Bella, Abbi, Camilia, Taylor, and I all decided that we should do it.

Author Notes: Hope you like it! Because I'm almost done with The Battle of Helm's Deep, so I started The Power of Dreams up again!

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πŸ“ π’žπ’½π“Šπ’Έπ“€ πŸ“
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12 Mar, 2020
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2 mins
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