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The Power of Dreams Part #4
The Power of Dreams Part #4

The Power of Dreams Part #4

Legolas_GreenleafCharlie Cerberus

In the room, we all sat somewhere, Gabby and Sierra sat in a pair of green beanbags. Camila and Bella sat on her bunk, while Abbi, Taylor, and I sat on my bunk. Amelia sat on me and Camila’s desk. We sat in silence. Amelia was the first to say “So, Hailey, so far you Sierra, Bella, and Taylor have all gotten superpowers and they were the exact superpowers you dreamt of, so why haven’t we gotten any?” “We probably just haven’t been in the right environments yet.” Abbi quickly responded “Yeah! Good point Abbi, you dreamed of being invisible, right? So...we just need to get you in front of different backgrounds, like that scene in Monster Inc.!” Amelia agreed. “Yea, one problem, how are we gonna get something like that?” Bella pointed out. “Well,” Gabby said, “Maybe we could have her hold something and then turn invisible or have her turn invisible and pass different things behind her so that we could see how this invisibility thing works.” “You guys seem to be missing something, how did we get the powers in the first place?” I asked them. “Probably that spell we did wasn’t all hocus pocus and parlor tricks.” Camila reminded us. “Okay, I agree that’s probably what happened. But what if it was something about oh I don’t know, THE WORN OUT WORDS AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE?!” I argued, is everyone just going to ignore those words, but me? “Okay maybe it was something important but I mean until we find out...I want to try my best! I can’t wait to see what my dog Georgia thinks of my hair!” Amelia cheered. “Okay let’s start with Abbi. So what if we got all our blankets and used that as a background?” I suggested. Everyone agreed so that’s what we did. We passed a pink one behind Abbi and she evaporated into pinkness. The same went for blue, purple, green, and white ones. She could do the same with patterns. Next up we tried Amelia. We weren’t allowed to have pets in the house. So we went to the local aCUTE PETS and checked out the dogs. One barked at us and Amelia quickly told us “He asks if we were good with taking him home and that if we did he promised to keep us updated on the newest fashion in shoes.” “OHHHH! I like this guy! Can we keep him?” Taylor said. The dog barked again and Amelia laughed, after which she said: “He told us to ‘listen to the dumb blonde’”. Taylor stopped admiring him and started throwing daggers at him with her eyes. We headed over to the cats and one meowed angrily at us. “Okay, I’m not going to repeat that,” Amelia concluded, the cat meowed. “She said, ‘Oy! You b***hes up there, why don’t you stop staring and start adopting? You won’t believe the s**t they serve here.’' The cat meowed again, “oh sorry,” Amelia responded, “it’s a he.” she finished. We walked back to the house in laughter. “So now we just need to see if you can understand other languages.” Camila pointed out. When we got home we went on Netflix and found a movie none of us had seen called ‘short boy’. We watched the first scene then changed the language to German and let Amelia watch the same scene. She translated it perfectly. The same went for Latin, Italian, Greek, and French. We were a little stumped at what to do for Amelia’s electricity power, but soon we ended up assaulting her with old pots and pans. Lucky for Amelia, she did have the powers so she didn’t ever get hit by one of the big pots. “So far we have Hailey who can go, like really fast. Abbi, who can turn invisible. Sierra, who can tell the future. Amelia, who can understand languages. And me, who can stop time. Now we just need Gabby, Taylor, and Camila.” Bella concluded. “Oh, can I go next? I wanna see if I can fly to the local beauty shop, mamma needs her eyeshadow.''Taylor said excitedly. We didn’t do exactly what she wanted because we agreed that if we did have the powers we needed to keep them a secret. So we did something extremely stupid and dangerous instead. We took all of our mattresses and put them at the bottom of the overhanging part of the top floor and told Taylor to go up there and jump down onto the mattress, we determined that if she knew how to fly she would fly, if not she would land on the soft cushions. So Taylor went upstairs and looked at the long way down, she gulped and swung her left leg over the railing, “why did I have to have the flying powers?” she whispered. She swung the right leg over and now the only thing that was keeping her from falling was her arms which clung tightly to the rail and her heels witch was on the slight edge that was barely big enough for them. Then she took a big breath said a prayer and...looked down as soon as she saw the bottom she said: “No no no no no no noooooooo, not happening, way too high, way to hi-” Camila getting tired of the stalling, waltzed up there and pushed, let me just reiterate that, pushed her off she yelled and put her arms in front of her but 2 feet before she hit the mattress she froze in mid-air and started floating around like she was in zero gravity. Taylor opened her eyes and realized that she wasn’t dead “Oh,” she sighed “ahhhhhh, I’m so thankful that I’m not dead...SO ThAT I CaN KiLL CaMilA In hEr sLeEP!!!” Taylor yelled, as she did so she realized she could control her motion and started to swim through the air. “Oh my gosh, it’s working, it’s working. Quick Gabby, make the pansies grow.” I said Gabby looked at the pansies, touched them, and closed her eyes. Within seconds the pansies were double their original size. “Camila, why did you push Taylor off the overhang?” Gabby asked. “Given the facts and all the strange events of the day, I knew the chance was one in a million that she did not have powers such as we were given. I was also able to tap into the other realities and realized that only two million out of the infinite amount of realities, resulted in her breaking her neck from the fall.Though I could not tell which reality was ours, the chances were extremely low” Camila said as if it were normal, to be able to figure out all the possible outcomes and what will happen in other realities. “YES! We have powers, do you know what this means? We could!...wait what if there’s some sort of side effect like death? Oh no, this is bad, this is really really bad. This could be disastrous! We could die. Or worse we could be socially unexpected… noooooooooo, this is bad. We’re all gonna die!” Taylor screamed, she was curling up into a little floating ball in the middle of the entry hall. “You guys, what if Hailey is right? What if that was a warning? We could all be in serious trouble. Camila, can you tell us the chances?” Gabby asked “ Well let me try” Camila closed her eyes and there was a moment of silence. “That’s weird…” Camila said with eyes still closed. There was more silence “I...I can see the words on the spellbook page but...but I can’t it’s blurred out...same for the other realities. Someone didn’t want someone to find this and hid it. All I could try to do is decipher the words on the page, even then it would be a risk if I did it wrong-” Camila said “Nope, no no no, only positive thoughts, thoughts like ‘ Camila can totally decipher the strange writing and if it’s in another language, Amelia can decode it.’ and even ‘maybe the words will tell us our powers give us unlimited free puppies!’” I said I was not about to be a narcissist when we needed an optimist.

We all congregated in the living room and Bella sat in the black velvet chair I sat in when this all started. Camila went to sit in the cocoon chair hanging next to the couch holding the book in her hands, her left hand brushed over the cover and the words saying Helgas’ Spells before opening the book to the page with the worn-out words, She grabbed a magnifying glass and looked at them, “Okay, so The first sentence most definitely says ‘beware the power of which you hold, for the punishment may be greater than the reward’” Camila said, “Sounds like a warning to me.” I reminded them, finally, I was proven right! Just to rub it in their ‘it’s not a warning’ little faces I laughed “HA.HA.HA.” I did it slowly to savor the moment “just to let you know, Hail, I was always on your team...totally” Taylor said. “Uh, huh sure you were.” I said, “Okay” Camila broke in, “I think I have the words accurately deciphered, It says ‘Beware of the power of which you hold for the punishment may be greater than the reward. You may never be back to the way you were before and will be hunted by the one called King Artemis and on a stormy night, he will find you. When I wrote this book with power on my mind I thought nothing of the hunter. But now the hunter has chosen his prey, and I may not live to see another day.’” Camila finished. We were all silent. We all knew what the text meant. Having those powers meant having an irreversible

death sentence.

Author Notes: Chapter 4 took a long time.

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Charlie Cerberus
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8 Jun, 2020
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8 mins
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