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The Power of Dreams Part #5
The Power of Dreams Part #5

The Power of Dreams Part #5

Legolas_GreenleafCharlie Cerberus

“Well… what are we going to do, those powers are irremediable. We don’t know when we’re going to die, are we going to just die now...or will it take a while for King Artemis to find and kill us...I don’t wanna die. I still have a life to live. I still have memories to make with you guys… are we going to have to watch each other die?” I wailed, I was in utter consternation. We were prey to a man, a King, named Artemis, and he would come to us on a stormy night. Do you realize how much it rains in Orlando Florida? And the storms here are disastrous. Any second we could be subject to rain or a killer storm. Everyone knew that. We all sorta just came to the center of the room and huddled together, we didn’t say anything we just huddled. Hoping that there would be no rain, no storms, no thunder. We all just sat there hugging each other, linking arms, crying, and hoping empty hopes we knew would never happen.

We all awoke to a sunny Sunday morning looking around I realized we must have cried ourselves to sleep. Gabby, Sierra, and Camila were still asleep when I woke up. I breathed in through my nose and smelled something heavenly...bacon. I turned around to face the kitchen and saw Bella frying the bacon. “Morning,” I said grimly. “Morning” Bella replied, no more happy than I. The thoughts of last night still hung heavy on our shoulders and would hang heavy there forever until…. “Where's Abbi, Amelia, and Taylor?” I asked, taking a seat at the table. “Oh, Tea went to go get dressed, Amelia is taking a shower and Abbi is in her room, she said she needs some time alone to think,” Bella replied. We all do, I thought. How was I going to tell my family this? I can’t keep a secret from my family. But I can’t tell them about the curse either. How do I tell them that I’m going to die at any moment, during a stormy day? “Bella?” I asked, “Yea, Hail, what is it?” she responded in a dreary voice. “How are we going to tell our parents this? We can’t tell them about our powers, and they’d be suspicious if we just said ‘Dearest darlingest momsie and popsicle! I’m going to die on a stormy day, any day now!’” I said. “I’ve been thinking about that, I think it would be would be wise-” she started to cry and her speech became choppy “if we just let it happen. If it just looked like we got struck by lightning. Not telling anyone, not even - not even - not even, even our own family” at this point she broke out into tears. I rushed over and put my arms around her, this was when I realized I was crying too. But I know this must be hard for Bella, she was so close to her family, she told them everything. She just cried and cried and cried, I led her to the couch and nudged Camila, Gabby and Sierra awake. Immediately they got the gist and they came to enclose her in a group hug, one that we all needed.

After a bleak breakfast, we decided that night after the day's activities, we would all decide what path to take. So I went to my usual classes and activities and the day went by normally, or at least normal as normal can get when you have death breathing down your neck. The entire day I checked the weather report to see if there was a storm at all for the week, and luckily this week was all just fine. But that got me thinking, ‘We can’t always have this good turn of events. I know that we are going to have storms, it’s Florida for heaven’s sake, it’s just...what will happen when it finally hits us?’

That night after a dinner of leftover Chicago style deep dish pizza, we all went into Amelias’ and Abbis’ room. At first, we were all silent and then Sierra spoke up, “ We need to practice and use our powers.” The way she said it was quite plain as if it was something everyone should know. “What do you mean? We can’t just go to the local gym and practice flying around SiSi, I don’t know if you knew this but it is not everyday people see a flying diva.” Bella addressed to Sierra while pointing at Tea, using her as an example. “Well yeah I know that but we can practice our powers right here, the house is big enough.” She replied. “No-no-no-” Gabby started before Camila butted in “Wait no, SiSi might have a point, remember when Bella told us about how the lightning acted?” “Yeah! The lightning sucked the witch up, are you saying…?” I indicated, “Yes, what if the lightning is just a transport, a way to take us to the king. If so then…” “Then we might have a chance to fight him! We can live!” I finished, “This is great we can learn to use our powers to fight, and if and when we live, we can use them for good doing!” Amelia said excitedly. “Exactly! Great find SiSi! We will practice every day, and I can design our suits, to wear with our powers. Then Hail can actually do all the sewing and gluing or whatever” Tea replied, then everyone looked at her weirdly, especially Gabby who had a look on her face that said who-said-anything-about-superhero-costumes? “What-” she started to say, “You thought I was just about to let us not look fabulous? Oh, you poor clueless girls...I hate to break it to you but...but..-” she started fake crying like the diva we all know and love before she said, louder than necessary, “I AM NOT AN ANIMAL. I HAVE STYLE.” We all laughed, and although I hate to say it I agreed with her. I told the group what I thought, that I thought that we should have separate outfits because if we do end up getting caught or galavanting about using our powers, it’s better for people to see us in some ridiculous outfit rather than a Rollins College tee shirt. They all agreed now that they saw the reason for it. Now that we have all agreed that we would practice and in fact use our powers, I know what is going to happen when King Artemis hits us.

And I hope that the King is ready for us.

Author Notes: so, how is it going so far! If you have any suggestions as far as were the story goes after this leave them in the comments!

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Charlie Cerberus
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8 Jun, 2020
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5 mins
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