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The Presence Prayer
The Presence Prayer

The Presence Prayer

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

Heavenly Father, I focus my thoughts on You.

In the palm of Your hand, how can I lose?

Your grace is sufficient for every need.

All things are possible if I will only believe.

Divine power through me is flowing.

Therefore darkness away from me is going.

O God, You are Love and You are Light.

So I know everything shall be all right.

Armed with Your Word, I will win this fight.

I am strong in the power of Your might.

From the top of my head to the bottom of my feet,

You infuse me with strength when I'm feeling weak.

You are my Help, You are my Rock.

You answer when I call,

You open when I knock.

To Your Throne of Grace I boldly turn.

There I find blessings I could never earn.

You are so good to me! Glory to Your name.

One touch from Your hand,

One spoken command,

And nothing stays the same.

Tho' surrounded by trouble, I am revived.

It's not Your will that I merely survive.

By the same Spirit Who made Jesus alive,

Yes, by Him I am empowered to thrive!

When my spirit is thirsty, You fill my cup.

When I'm trending down, You lift me up.

I am encouraged, my hope is renewed.

My heart is stirred at the thought of You.

What's next, Lord? What is in store?

What step? What opportunity? What open door?

Whatever Your answer, one thing I know,

You give grace to grow and faith to flow.

No matter how challenging or tight the bind,

I know the battle is Yours and victory is mine!

On Thee, Holy Father, do I fix my gaze.

At Your divine grace I am truly amazed.

Your goodness and mercy follow me all my days.

Aglow with Thy Spirit, my soul is ablaze.

You put light in my eyes, pep in my step,

A song in my heart and a smile on my lips.

What can get me down when You have my back?

Considering Thy blessing, how can I ever lack?

You offer so much - by faith I receive it.

You sent Your Word - Lord, I believe it.

Like a luminous array of flaming torches,

I am constantly guarded by Your angelic forces.


© Matt Decker

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Matt Decker
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1 Dec, 2018
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1 min
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