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The Pretty Girls Friend Part #2

To; [email protected]

From; [email protected]

Jackson; Clara, I can't un-fall in love with you, trust me I've tried, I didn't think you felt this way back so I tried to 'cure' myself, but I can't.

Clara; Well, practice makes perfect...

Clara; Now if you will so kindly excuse me, I have a background to blend into.

Jackson; Clara don't do this to me I've never had much luck with love, you're the first girl I feel like having the slightest luck with...

Jackson; Clara, are you there?

Jackson; Clara I refuse to deny my feelings for you any longer.

Jackson; Clara Bones I Love You.

The next day...

Clara; Jackson please pretend that I don't exist. I've always just been friends with 'the pretty girl', I've always just been the pretty girls' friend, noticed by no man on an affectionate level. And I am getting used to not being noticed, so don't make me adjust.

Jackson; I will stop loving you Clara, I will do anything you ask me to if you answer this one question...

Do You Love Me?

Clara; Jack, don't make me do this. I...

Jackson; Those are my terms.

Clara; Yes, I Love You, Jack. That's the problem.

Jackson; What? No, Clara, that's great! We can be together!

Clara; No Jack we can't that's not apart of the plan...

Jackson; What plan.

Clara; My plan, the plan that includes passing high school going to a good college and staying invisible on an affectionate level at least until the beginning of Collage. I thought it would be easy, I thought that I knew all the boys at the school, I thought that would make it all the easier to not fall in love, then you walk in and I am not spared the world of heartache.

Clara; Even if I didn't have the plan we would have to leave each other by the end of high school, LDRs never work.

Jackson; What if we went to the same college?

Clara; And the likelihood of that is...?

Jackson; You're right, but our relationship would be sweet while it lasted...

Clara; I want this to work out to Jack but it just can't...

Jackson; ...

Clara; ...

Jackson; Clara...

Clara; Jack?

Jackson; I Love You...

Clara; I Love You Too Jack...

Author Notes: Still, want more? Tell me, please!

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28 Oct, 2019
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