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the priest's curse part 2

the priest's curse part 2

By abdurr

continued from part 1,

In the same night the Priest got a dream in which he saw the king suffering and also the curse, the Priest was also shocked by this weird behaviour of the people. The Priest was totally confused that what had the people done to the king. After that night the Priest tried to finish all of work as early as possible and go back to the Village. Meanwhile in the village day by day the people were feeling lonely and had started feeling guilty for their act. One fine day the Priest left the town for the village, on that day the curse of the king was being fulfilled in the night when all the people of the village were celebrating the death and happiness of the king, There was heavy showers and heavy thunderstorms and the gale moved fiercfully in a view to damage the whole property of the people and there was a noise that told revenge is seeking today and that voice was of the king and he demanded the people to leave the village and go otherwise they would be killed and flushed off some people left the village the same night but the others who stayed were not found anywhere not a single bone of theirs. The very next day the Priest arrived to the village and saw the dust in the village he was shocked after seeing the condition of the village, but that day another voice was heared of the king in which the king told the priest to take care of the village and take the palace of his, and gifted him a golden rosery that was worth the whole world as it costed more than any of the diamonds in the world from that day the priest stayed alone in the village but at the time of his death he handed over the whole powers to his disciples of the town, like this the powers were handed over to generation to generation with the rosery. Even in the twentieth century this was followed and in that village only the sacred priest stayed and no body had ever dared to enter this village. Meanwhile there were a group of friends who had just finished their exams, they all decided to go for a trip as they all had got frustated of their examinations.

Author Notes: To know what is the climax stay tuned with me.
To Be Continued..............................

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2 May, 2013
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