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The Priest's Curse

The Priest's Curse

By abdurr

Once upon a time in Latin America. In the forest of Amazon ,there was a small village (unknown).There lived some people who were ruled by a king. The king was very generous and pious. He had a priest in his court who was among his and his only supportive person.Once the native villages were jealous of the king and spread a rumour that the king was about to burn his subjects into ashes and wanted to become rich the people lost their hope over their king and planned for his death. In the mean time the priest went out of the village to city for some work. The people thought that this was the time to kill the king and to give the king the surprise of his death. When the King was going to his sleep after his dinner some people came to the king and asked the king for some money as they wanted to build a stronger agricultural background. So when the King went to his treasury for giving the money to his people, someone smashed the spade on his head and the king was shocked for this behaviour and in the background all of his people(the whole village) was laughing and said in a chorus that they were free now and did not need themselves to be in the hands of the king, the king was angry and cursed the whole Villagers that they would not be left alive and this town will be closed for people like you and all of you will die in pain, this is a curse and in this village only the sacred lives. By these words the king died but the people gave no attention to the words of the king and burnt him and buried the innocent king. In the same night the Priest got a dream in which he saw the king suffering and also the curse, the Priest was also shocked by this weird behaviour of the people.

Author Notes: To know what the Priest does Stay Tuned.
To be continued.............

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22 Apr, 2013
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