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The Prince

The Prince

By Optimism101 - 1 Review

“So uhh, you were sent here to kill me”

“That is correct” It stared me down with a fierce intensity. It acted robotic, like it was just obeying orders.

It was about 10 feet tall, and looked to be a human, except red with huge spikes coming out of the back.

It had no clothes, but was completely featureless. Nothing on its skin, nothing at all.

“Why am I not dead yet?” I asked

“Your death is imminent.” It said, just as robotic as before.

“That is not an answer to my question.” I tapped my foot on the ground.

We were in the middle of West park, a little park in our town.

“Your question has no answer.” It said, and stared me down.

I started to walk around in a circle, frustrated.

A small crowd started to gather. The red thing was gathering lots of attention.

“Okay then, who sent you?”

“The Prince.” It still stared me down.

“Okay, were getting somewhere, who is the Prince?” I asked, suddenly excited.

“The Prince.” It said, it’s eyes still followed me.

“FREAKING-. Okay. Okay. When do I die then?” I asked.


It summoned a sword into its hand and impaled me through the chest. The crowd started screaming and running away.

“Damn.” I said.

“I was not expecting this.” I fell over, and blacked out.

Author Notes: Yeah, my brain was like "This needs to exist" and now it does. I got a really cool idea, just gotta wait for my brain to come on back to it. Hopefully gonna get that one out soon! Anyways, enjoy this! See ya next time!

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20 May, 2019
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1 min
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