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The prisoner

The prisoner

By Jtodx90

                     The prisoner
A short story by Jeremiah oxenrider


  The date was October 12th 1953 I had just been sent to serve 23 years in the Pennsylvania state prison.  There were 4 of us on the bus Marty a rapist, bill he murdered 3 members of his family, me I was in for a bank robbery, and... Well no one new his name but they all said he was an accountant for the mob. The rumor was he killed 4 members of the bartelli crime family,

  Now to me that's an incredible feat in its self cause I worked for them! I know how smart they were, people say he was shot by don bartelli himself and almost died.  But all were just rumors; he wasn't a strong guy infact he looked weak. I'd say about 105 pound soaking wet tops, and he wore thick black rimmed glasses with a piece of tape in the middle. Later I found out he was serving 5 consecutive life sentences and his name was Justin Zocalo.

                 Chapter1:40 years later

  The names bob Wilcox prisoner #261052 I considered my self a tough guy, until the day I arrived at the Pennsylvania state prison and met the local legend Justin Zocalo.  He has survived stabings, beatings and every kind of prison violence there is. I was told he may never get out. He's a nice guy I befriended him my first month here, and learned his extraordinary secrete! He had a near death experience back in 1953 when he was shot by a big time mob boss he said he was there accountant and was tiered of being pushed around so he killed them. During the fight the don got one shot off that pierced through Justins skull. Justin told me in that moment a blinding flash of light  exploded in the room. A being entered it wasn't jeasus or god or the devil. 

  This is the story I was told from Justin. He told me to right it down and publish it imagine a writer who's a convict! But here I am in my cell writing it down word for word.  Now back to the story, when the being showed it's self it was death and death said to him you have lived a life of lies and deception. You stole from people and now you have taken life that was not yours to take.  Your punishment for these crimes is life, an eternity of life you will never die unless I touch you. Until then you will live.

  When Justin awoke 3 weeks later in a New York hospital he was scared and confused. He didn't know how he got there.  He remembered about what death had told him and vowed to keep silent.  As soon as he was well enough he was tried and convicted in the courts. 


It's October 12th 1993 for 40 years I've been on this hell; but I'm not talking the prison but the life I've been given this burden I have this fucking disease I have. I've read every book in the damn library, and have been stabbed and beaten and raped a total of 1,456 times! Known on this whole planet will ever know the pain and anguish that I feel! What I fear most is when my 5 life sentences are up and I'm still alive and look like a healthy 28 year old man. How long can I keep this a secret! HOW...FUCKING...LONG!!!

  I don't want to think about what might happen if his secret ever got out before he died so I made a promise to him to hold on to this until he dies.  I'll pass it down to my kids and they pass it down to there's once he dies the story of his secrete will live. But who knows when that will be? Three days ago a man by the name of Ryan Turner he murdered 15 men in a 3month span. He was a large muscular man about 6foot. He came right up to justin and beat him bloody then shanked him twice. Luckily they were not deep (like it would have mattered though)
And the beating to no surprise to me or Justin healed it's self in know time.

  Ryan was killed during a riot a year ago now.  By a guard when he attacked the warden an invoked a riot; again justin sustained injuries and so did I we were both in the infirmary when we heard that Ryan was shot we saw them bring him in on a stretcher his face was almost gone the guard was carrying a 10 gauge semi automatic shotgun; and when Ryan attacked him he pulled the trigger nearly blew his head right off his shoulders.

         Chapter3diary of a mad man 

  I am Justin Zocalo the year is 2453 I am 528 years old.  I am the oldest man in exsistance, my secret is out and the government has stuck me in this facility and are testing me probing me. It's taking a toll on me mentally but not physically I told them how I became this way but none believe me. Unfortunately civilization has denounced god and all belief in the bible. I feel with out belief in a god humanity will end. The doctors told me that my ability as they like to call it, is remarkable I told them they can take their remarkable ability and shove it up their asses.  My only friend here is a janitor his name is Jon Darnel he has made the same promise that many men have made to me. To let the book be published after I die. 

  By now my debt to society has been paid but my debt to god is not.  Will I ever die? I don't know, when ever I die I will not fear it but I will embrace it and hope that I will be welcome in the kingdom god and I get to walk on the streets of gold.  I hope that death comes for me soon I can feel my sanity slowly slipping away it's painful Jon has helped by smuggling in books from my younger days. Books like the bible, Shakespeare, Whitman, and my favorite it's not from my time but I enjoy Stephen king.  

  I've lived through many great achievements and many terrible events. I've seen men walk on mars and other planets, first contact with alien beings, and robots. As for the terrible events the LA riots,the gulf war, 9-1-1, and a interstellar war. I hope and pray that no one ever has this happen to them.


  I am Jon Darnel friend of Justin Zocalo I am over joyed and saddened to write that finally after 555 years Justin has passed away. All the tests and probing has taught them nothing! At 5:00 am on October 12th of this year Justin has moved on hopefully he is in the kingdom of heaven and his soul is finally at piece. When he died a blinding flash of light appeared and a dark figure came forth and placed a hand on his shoulder he smiled at the figure and closed his eyes. When the flash of light dissapered Justin was dead with a peaceful look on his face.  I am sad for the loss of a good friend but happy that his anguish and mental pain is over. I will rejoice for him and pray hard for his soul. Sadly in this day in age faith is hard to come by, if this book teaches us anything it's no matter who you are or what you've done death and life are both precious.  Living forever is not the answer and death is not the end but the Beginning.


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23 Apr, 2014
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