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The Prodigal Son
The Prodigal Son
This story has some quality issues

The Prodigal Son


The Prodigal Son Part One


Note to reader: this is an entirely original idea that i thought up myself, and if anyone wants to say that i ripped anyone off then i will molest your entire fucking family with my weeaboo micropenis


Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Rain poured down from the sky in torrents of angry peril, as the water fell down splashing on the roof of the mushroom palace as water rolled down like a sled through snow off the wet roof plates that were made of mushroom because it was the mushroom palace and when it got wet it did not collapse because it was magicked to be waterproof so all the mushrooms inside didn’t die painful deaths. Rain filled the holes in the mushroom roof but it didn’t collapse because of the magic spell on the roof that stopped the rain from making the palace wet, because that could end the story at the beginning and that would suck. As the rain poured from the dark, moist, dank, angry, suicidal and dark sky, it fell just fast enough to see the approaching mushroom roof, terror filled his tiny rainwater heart as he hurtled super fast at the roof, he had just slit his wrists and was feeling really high from the lack of blood and he only just realised that he was going to die for real, so he shit rain from his tight, watery anus and hit the roof along with all the other raindrops, as their screams sounded like the sound of rain hitting a mushroom palace that was not collapsing from water damage because it was magicked and had like really good irrigation and insulation and stuff. The rain dripped of the mushroom gutters, that also were magicked so that the water did not leak into the roof. But today the rain was angry, it had been defiled by the rain machine in the sky that floated on a cloud because it was actually just made from cloud but it was really strong and good, but it didn't fall down because it was made of cloud not metal so it floated in the sky making rain all day, well except from when it wasn't raining then it just slit its wrists and listened to Panic at the Disco. And today, today was the day. Today as it poured rain out of its tight, moist, sturdy and cloud-hard rain hole, he felt extra depressed and decided to rape every drop of water that came out. It soothed his aching wrists and soul as he poured out the last of the raindrops, their tiny water hearts full of fear and pain and terror and the fact that they had been raped by a cloud, as they began to fall down to the mushroom palace except this time they had the rape power, strong enough to break the waterproof roof, as they fell down the magic became stronger. As the last of the rain hit the mushroom roof, the water turned the walls and floors of the mushroom palace to a sickly semen like, goop, that began to drown the members of the mushroom palace people, their screams made no noise because they were drowning in the semen, except it isn't semen its rape water and mushroom combined, it just looks like semen, and smells like it too and tastes like it as well, which the people who were mushrooms as well would have said if they weren't also becoming the semen, which wasn't semen but it looked and smelled and sounded like it, and the people of the mushroom palace would have said this but they began to drown. The queen of the kingdom, Duchess Nectarine screamed really loud as her cries echoed down the halls of the world and made heaps of sound that even a greek electrician could hear it. Fabio, was sitting at his desk, Nickelback glared in the background as he bobbed his head just enough to reveal his strikingly attractive neck tattoo that grimaced in pain as he slit his tiny depressed, inky, sad, horny, dark, angry and slender wrists on Fabios muscular back hair, his tiny inky tattoo tears fell down Fabio’s hairy back and Fabio felt them with a twitching grunt. He reached back with a swipe of his broad, muscular palm and went to pat the crying tattoo but stopped, because he remembered that he was meant to go to the Mushroom Kingdom to meet his wife to be Duchess Nectarine, pain filled his spine as he stood in a burst of suicidal rage that came from the bottom of his head at the base of his spine in his kneecaps where the electric tingle made his legs twitch and spin and tingle, he stood a raging, loud, sharp, suicidal and obnoxious yell of anguish and rage screamed from his mouth in a torrent of noise that flew like a bird around the room of his workshop, except it wasn’t a bird, because birds are not made of noise except maybe in another story where all of the creatures are made of sound but that would make no sense unless the world was underwater then it would be awesome if they were all fish people and they could all fly through the water with magnificent glory and they could talk because they were noise fish that excreted noise so that they could talk whenever they wanted unlike real fish who I think only talks when they feel like they are going to get raped or something. As Fabio stood up his majestic, muscular beard fluttered in the wind as if thousands of tiny arms that were attached to his face were slitting their wrists and the blood was wind and their arms were moving in a windy motion (get it because they are arms instead of hair on his beard). His beard was glossy and golden with purple and green tips, which looked super like the galaxy if you looked hard enough which was the favorite past time of Duchess Nectarine, who made Fabio’s pickle tighten in his pants, he felt the material of his fluorescent black overalls stretch and bend as his throbbing member began to straighten tearing the microfibers that if they were alive would have wanted to be extremely depressed because they just got tore in half by Fabio’s donkey stick that begun to rise in temperature and size, growing so big that Fabio’s legs began to disappear into his bulge of meaty lofting sausage of cured, depression ridden flesh that was so big that it normally made Duchess Nectarine scream in agony. As the semen that was actually mushroom juice even though is smelt and sounded like semen sunk down over the mushroom kingdom, Duchess Nectarine cried out in agony, the juicy slop melted over her mouth and in her moist green hair with clips that were skulls and they glinted in the sunlight except for now or when the suicidal cloud rain making machine evanescence tape ran out and he made the clouds cover the sky with his rape. But now her clips were sinking down, the semen ran down her throat as she gulped, the taste was oddly familiar as she became light headed, as she reached her hand upwards to have one final desperate grasp before she drowned, her hand groping with haste until she grabbed hold of a hard, throbbing pole, its magnum strength meant only one thing, that her truly beloved lover boy Fabio had ascended to her rescue with his magnum twig of pleasure and with a flourish he clenched his muscular glutes and propelled Duchess Nectarine into the air, his raging back hair stood on end as her flower dress flew into the air revealing a small crack in her dry, crusty, moth ridden, maggot infested snatch, that caused his bellowing giant swastika shaped love rod to straighten to maximum strength and Duchess Nectrine landed directly on his penile m-16 which penetrated her with maximum force. The shock made a bellowing squelch rage from her mouth as Fabio’s magnum member of passion impaled her coming out the back of her throat, his expanding bellend twitching with pleasure, as it sucked more flesh to consume into its giant body of flaming delight, sucking in all of Fabios body except his head. Duchess Necarine groaned as the Greek human dildo jostled inside her diaphragm and finally after 235712 hours of intense pelvic pleasure the magnum shank spilled his load of baby gravy upon the mushroom kingdoms corpses, from the melting palace which spread over the entire kingdom as the lovers eloped in hardcore coitice. Fabio at once became unshackled from his genitalia and looked over onto the stinking mushroom corpses and new that he needed to find the man who made this happen and spank him into oblivion so hard that his own mother would not even be able to see his face and recognise him or her because Fabio accepts all genders as his biological children, and the lust for revenge filled his ball bag as he leaped into the sky to go see an old friend who might have known who did the thing to his eternal love and woman who he knew would one day father his children who would not be called Fabio or Albury, because that's a gay name that sounds like cranberries and it is important to know that Fabio hated cranberries because that they betrayed his family name, but enough of that time for a story, a story that would if he knew end Fabio’s giant flight across the sky that began to well up with more rain, the hard, depressed cloud spat out more rain and squeezed his perverted, fat, cloudlike fingers in the tight virgin assholes of the rain that cried with no noise because rain cannot speak as it tumbled down from the sky and toppled its naked molecules onto Fabio’s muscular naked beard as he flew through the sky, and in his eye, that was dyed orange and brown checkers but in diamonds, locked onto the city that loomed in the distance, it's fading pulsating lights made Fabio feel a warm feeling in the innermost part of his pelvic bones as the thoughts of childbirth made his manhood tremble more than his loins at a 5sos concert where every member of the band was actually a Swedish folk singer, except they were black.


Chapter 2- Homecoming


Fabio touched down onto the floor of the city looked around at all of the people who were walking around him as his muscular beard made him look Greek and he wondered to himself if the people were thinking about how great he was because he totally just saved the Duchess and made sweet hanky panky with his doohickey in her viagogo, the thought making him stiffen just a bit so that all the civilians of the city could see how sizeable his front tail could be perceived. He looked around at the city, and saw the place he needed to be, the Necropeadophile funeral home and strip club, and the thought of being back to his childhood home excited him enough that he let out a little pee that ran down his leg. Fog grated along the sides of the buildings, as it moved to and fro like it was dancing to a song, probably a Taylor Swift song or a Macklemore song because the dancing was trash, and the fog would have really bad taste in music, except that fog cant listen to music because it cannot perceive sound, but if it could i reckon it would listen to really hardore london grime rap because thats really good and the fog looks like soup and London has soup so i thought that that's what it would listen too (see what i did there). Fabio stepped into the musty, dusty, lusty, crusty, busty, rusty, gusty and trusty funeral parlour and strip club, and they were not even separated they just both functioned together and like offered specials like one strip for one funeral and stuff. Fabio gazed over to the bar where he saw him, his thin, broad shoulders cascaded down his back as he slammed his meaty fist down on the bench, asking for another shot of something strong and foreign to shove down his dry, horny throat as he reached into the pocket of his green and blue hawaiian shirt that had green and blue people on it, he was also wearing brown chino pants with spikes made of jaguar coming out of his pants that were tight on his anus and glutes extenuating his throbbing spring loaded nose slapper which obviously ran in the family because he was Fabio’s adopted step brother (surprise!). With a dry gurgle he offered Fabio a seat in front of their mother, who began her small marsupial cramming show that always got the whole crowd throbbing, tears welled in the corners of Fabio’s tear ducts as he saw his mother and when she saw him she screamed in suicidal joy and leapt to her small, delicate and hairy feet, a quokka fell from her loose, stretched fish hole as she hobbled her slender body over to her son. But then with a startled groan she died in his arms with blood going all over his body and inside his orifices as she died again but the blood this time was far more horrific, giving Fabio a tingle in his woody womb pecker as her tight, limp body slithered to the floor below his feet. In his ears he heard the agonising scream of his brother as he raced over to his adopted step mothers twitching corpse and began to shed a layer of his face as juicy, fat, robust, tangled drops of dewy tears slid down his shedding face. You see Fabio’s brother Fury Viper was a member of the rare and really hard to find vege clan, who were just ordinary people till they put their faces in the magic spell, one that was really strong and couldn’t be undone, like in Harry Pooter the one that does the thing that makes the one with hair do the thing with the guy except it's actually the spider but they find out that the thing was actually not the other one but actually the one with big nipples, but then they all go to that weird bison place, but there aren't actually bison and there is snow on the roof but it doesn't fall though because their is a magic that keeps it there, (you get what i mean) and the spell makes their faces become a vegetable except for Fabio’s brother who became a rare full head kind, except his entire head was a lettuce and it regrows everyday so he can eat it if he wants, except at this time he was really sad so his face peeled off exposing his raw green underbelly, that made Fabio feel a warm surge in his femurs, this was the brother he loved and watched get molested like nine times, this was the child who cut his wrists spilling his slimy virgin blood onto his black, spandex overalls, and Fabio was overwhelmed with love and happiness as he grabbed his peeling brother in a tight, warm embrace, causing the lettuce leaf to fall off his face that was now as smooth as a baby’s face. But suddenly the doors flew open and two figures stood at the door, their throbbing vagina miners, protruding from their purple plastic, skintight, studded gimp suits, their faces covered with the skin of a fallen man his tight skin bellowing as the intruders breathed heavily through their skin masks and began to run their hands elong each others throb knobs asserting their dominance as all the other people ran away, except for Fabio and Fury Viper who gnarled at the intruders with their yellow teeth, but not in the way in which would be dumb, like if their teeth had eyes, they did it to make the random dudes feel as though their bodies were superior. (This part is awesome!) The intruders let go of their whipper snippers with a loud wang, and they snapped to attention in front of their faces, they reached up and pulled their masks away, to reveal they were none other than Fabio’s arch nemesis and his sidekick, Favio and Flagio (I told you!!!). Both the hairy Yugoslavs were equipped with lusty moustaches that were dyed white for emergencies and with matching eye piercings in the shape of arms slitting their wrists (it showed how dark and mysterious they were) made of solid gold. Their moustaches also had hands, but not like fake hands, like real living hands but like in alien style so they were green and had thirteen fingers on each finger so they looked super hot, and the hands looked at fabio and Fury Viper and said nothing because they don’t have mouths, but they are fluent in 13 languages including vegetable, and the hands said, 私は小さな子ペニスが好きです(something really mean, I hate Flagio and Flavio). In untold rage Fabio whipped out his stiff monkey string and held it out aggressively towards Flagio, and Flavio, who each retaliated by doing the same thing except with a dramatic flurry that made Fabio’s rage increase to maximum capacity as he whipped out his Fury Viper dingle berry that was long and slender and had enough hair to act as a crossguard in the fight to coming battle. Flavio made the first move as shoved his magnum walrus wang into Fury Viper’s eye, and blood and lettuce exploded from his head as he exhaled to the ground and began to die, enraged Fabio impaled his member through Fagio and he groaned in delight showing his white, teeth that had tattoos of Duchess Nectarine and him having flavourus ding dong insertion on the front steps of the mushroom palace enraged, Fablo pulled out Fiddleo’s spine and shoved it down his juicy bellend eye, feeling it snap and crunch under the immense weight and sweat of his superior spank plank as Flavio died with much death and pain, except because he was made of grass because he was a member of the clippings gang he just turned into a new spine and slithered out the door, calling out to his sidekick Fagio to slither away as well, except Fagio was still impaled on Fabio’s rock of doom and was screaming for mercy, because he had just cut his wrists and needed to get some whiskey for the pain and Fabio was starting to make his thin, elegant limbs tremble in the presence of such a superior throbbing pleasure pike, and Flavia leaned back with charisma and enjoyed the sadistic pleasure of having a 5 foot long-sword from down under showed through his abdomen, leaning back he let tears stream down his face and into his mouth as he gargled the salty residue in the back of his throat, blocking his airways, he began to gargle faster and Fabio realised what he was doing, as Fulgencio swiftly cried a river of sickly, tiny, robust, eye sauce of pain and distress through his parched lips and onto his STI ridden tongue that greedily lapped up the salty fluids that piled up in his body and began to spill out the end of his urethra. Panicked Fabio placed his muscular bearded lips over the cheese hole and began to suck the tears from the wound as Flander screamed louder, making the walls of the strip funeral home shake, this violent shaking scared everyone in the city so they ran away except for one guy called Tiffany. Tiffany heard the shakes and to his delight saw the people running away from the city, excited his tiny loch ness minor grew to its full length of one millimetre, embarrassed Tiffany pulled out his tiny furry, worm to show the world that he was proud, but no one even noticed. Tiffany soon became depressed and slit his wrists harder than ever, he also slit his urethra and kneecaps to feel really bummed, because not only did he have the worst love rod in the world, he was also a gay, dwarvish, half fish (his left side) who just wanted to fit in, slowly he walked to the strip club funeral home to order a double special treatment package, he would kill himself with a stripper and then have a funeral, except no one would go to his funeral, which made him even more depressed so he sat down to think of another place to slit so he could feel better. Meanwhile behind Tiffany sat a garbage bin, it wore fluffy pink highlighters on its lid and smelt of fantasies and unicorns, but it was actually a big rapist called Colon Expander Anal Rapist or Nelly for short. As Tiffany cried deeply he felt a presence assert behind him as Nelly moved in for a lick, but Tiffany cried out, and ran for the strip club funeral home, where upon arriving he pushed open the oaky, plastic corrugated, wool door with a loud roar and toppled over Fabio and Flagella, dislodging Fabio from Fapper and spilling the eye sauce onto the floor, except in the process, Fabio bit off Fiona’s eye and he screamed so hard his filthy spelunker rocketed off his body and into the door where it stuck, but then the door opened to reveal Nelly, her heated lid trembled with rage as she sucked the three into her rape chamber which was inside her, she shut her lid, growling as her orgasmic juices welled up inside her stomach like a tiger with really big achilles tendons, except the tiger is gay. But the weight of Fabio’s immense weed whacker was too much for the garbage bin and she began to feel queasy, but she didn’t vomit because of the magic that she had from the charm that she had on her anal sphincter that made her immune to Fabio’s magnum rod, but the spell had one weakness, a kiss from a dwarf, and it happened that Tiffany’s slimy, dry, wretched fishman lips landed directly on the anus, and the charm broke Nelly’s sphincter and she began to be sucked into it like pubes in a bath plug, and suddenly they all were sucked into the vortex. As they fell Fabio began to scream, as he hurtled through space and into another dimension, with Flapjack and Tiffany at his side as he looked out into the vast space and say a star, but the star was looking at him because this star had eyes and was actually a spy for a far more sinister force, (you’ll see later, trust me it's insane!!) and it grew tight as its light member stretched out into the darkness, spilling wriggling star sperm into the infinite abyss to hopefully have kids, except one of them attached itself to Tiffany, and sunk its light flavoured teeth into the half fish, half dwarf and half gay creature that squealed in pleasure as he was pulled into the wormhole.


Chapter 3 - The Bust Up


The sky was dark and feeling like whiskey, or weed and wanted to beat up the tiny world it covered, its little trees looked like muscular hairs and they waved at the sky and it felt mad. This had been a really depressing day for the sky, he was the king of his planet and, being a cool king, he wanted to throw a super dope party that all of the subjects in the world could go to, he got Dj stanky plank and heaps of other good performers but no one came because all of the people hated the sky because they were jealous of his magical powers, he could summon demons from his palm holes, but the demons were not aggressive, they each had a special talent, but the sky could only produce them after he mated, which he hadn’t for a heaps long time so he had like the biggest blue balls ever and they hurt so much that the cloud semen, which was just cloud, but not because its semen began to leak through his wispy ball bag and on to the people below, the pain filled his heart which was also a cloud, but it beat cloud blood which was also clouds. He needed to feel the presence of another on his ball bag once more, he called to the people below and none of them listened except for one, called Pervy Percy who needed a release himself, Pervy Percy wore a loose loincloth with emerald ostriches hanging off the edge, but the ostriches were tiny, enough to fit in the palm of a man if he was really big and had normal sized hands but was gender fluid so the feet would not cause physical emotional damage. Percy was becoming hard as the sky beamed down upon him, and he offered his ostriches to the sky, and the sky beamed with horny delight, smiling in his broad toothed smile as the ostriches flew towards his busting ball bag, then suddenly, a wormhole opened severing the skies ball bag killing him instantly, Percy watched in terror as three figures rained from the sky and fell next to him making a large dent in the ground, gazing into the hole he saw Fabio, Foopy and Tiffany climb from the hole, the dark sky showing the depression on their faces as they ran into the town. They stopped at the nearest bench that was made of wood, but the wood had to be ethically treated by someone of an afrikaans descendance in the fires of the sun and had a magic paint that allowed the bench to sing if it wants to except the bench is a bench and cannot sing even if it wants too, unless it wants to then it can but it needs to grow a mouth for that and for that to happen it would need to be made of a living organic compound so it was lucky that this bench was actually made of fleas, so they were able to squeak out the works to Do Not Be Dressed by Bong Mallay which made the group start to rave, which distracted them from the fact that they were on another planet. Then suddenly armed guards sprung from the bench, and began to attack Flancy, who screamed in pain as they drove their swords deep in his head, and with a muffled and scratchy scream that made Fabio’s manhood retract inside of his groin skin place, (Yuck) and watched as Tiffany began to cry as Fanny died with a soft stroke of Tiffany's fish side and blood spilled forward onto the guards uniform, his moustache sliding off his face and running to find a new owner as Furby died in pain and agony as his last breath left his body, he sung songs of the wind, and rain, dirt, sexual exploration, fruit bats and finally his daring invention of the steak iron maiden, which brought tears into the eyes of Fabio and Tiffany but not the guards who began to roar and flail their thunderous whips of transcendent fury at the travelers who were shoved in the back of their wagon and driven to the palace of the almighty Aqua the Battle Tortoise, who stood on his balcony, stroking his immense beefy bastard, he groaned in pleasure as he saw his captives being wheeled into his domain, looking back into the castle chambers he looked at his prized captive (big surprise coming) as she squirmed under the red silk robe that had been put over her head, approaching slowly was Aqua and he ran his tortoise finger down his captives throat, groaning, and squeaking, until the doors to the throne room burst open and Fabio and Tiffany were thrown before the overlord, startled Aqua tried to hide his monstrous erection, but instead places it on the chin of Fabio, looking into his eyes that shone with terror. With a wheezing laugh, Aqua slithered over to the captive and pulled the curtain away to reveal, wait for it, Duchess Nectarine (O.M.G!) and she began to cry a river of robust tears, and Fabio began to stand up, but was stabbed. Aqua was delighted that his rival for the beautiful duchess was gone, and he signalled his guards to send the dynamic duo to the cell at the bottom of the palace dungeons where they would be locked up forever, or at least until Aqua wanted them to be shish-kebabed on his superior meat stick. Fabio screamed as he was dragged down the stairs, hours passed and finally they reached the cell, both Fabio and Tiffany were thrown into the dungeon, and the guard locked the strong, hard, sturdy, elegant door and put the key in his nostril to savour for later, and sat on the bench to keep guard. Suddenly (remember this?) Tiffany began to swell and glow as hot liquid burst from his orifices like a giants lymph and it trickled down his pale tupperware skin and pooled on the ground, Fabio cowered at the extraordinary sight, and felt his lusty love lance begin to harden just enough for it to look magnum but still look flaccid passing on the impression that he was a giant in the playground, as long as the playground was really spacious so his magnum meaty member would fit in all the holes, including the children’s. As Tiffany swelled to bursting point the guard seemed to not notice, as he sat with his scrotum in one hand and his other hand in the other, vaping to the sound of silence by Simon and Garfunkel while his wrists were slit by his fourth hand, which was located on his fourth shoulder, as the blood trickled from his wrist he remembered the one time when he sat alone in Aqua’s chambers, he remembered the love the passion the romance, how they did the dirty dance in the pants to the playschool theme song on repeat except is was a live performance on repeat in the kings chambers by the Beatles of Beijing which were like the beatles but asian and cheaper and better because they were all transvestites and joined in on the hanky spanky in the banky, their tight, rice filled anus’s filling each of his four fists with immense pleasure. Though this was all gone now that the duchess was here and he knew that life was no longer worth living and he reached for the sword to end his insignificant life, Tiffany exploded into a ball of light, exploding the cell door and the guard was pushed into the air and flew up into the castle where he landed in the chandelier, which fell crushing his urethra and eyes, screaming in agony he slit his wrists with his sword and died as he screamed, the blood exploded onto the walls and the floors of the great hall and he gave everyone it touches four arm lizard AIDS. Fabio grimaced and looked down at Tiffany, he was now a starfish dwarf and possessed the power of a star and a fish and a dwarf, Fabio climbed on Tiffany's muscular back and they propelled towards the sky and out of the castle, where they flew through the sky feeling the sweet caressing feeling of the skys corpse rolling through their hair as Tiffany soared into the mountains, but they weren't what they seemed to be (you’ll see later).


Chapter 4 - The Perilous Peaks


The snow climbed down from the sky really fast as the darks sky bellowed snow down onto the mountain below that were covered in snow from the sky that fell in huge clouds that could almost be seen as a type of organisation that made snowflakes fall together, and it would have a government where only the snowflakes with the most superior edges would be a member of the society, and thy would have clans and racism and stuff, but it wouldn't work because they are all the same colour and size, unless they aren’t then that would be stupid, even if they were the snow government would still not work unless the snow could talk and it can’t because its snow and snow can’t talk but then it could scream as it fell over the mountain it would make noise and we would hear it but today it was deadly silent as the snow fell down with a squelching roar, that filled the ears of Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell as he sat alone on the cliff stroking his medium sized member and crying in suicidal agony, he was wearing a green body suit that made him look exactly like a dinosaur but he was actually something else underneath that was far more secret and revealing because if his clan was to find out what he really was then they would definitely kill him because of the secret that he couldn’t tell them, because of the danger that it would put on him and his family, who he watched play in the snow in front of him and it reminded him of the snow that fell from the sky and it toppled town in endless torrents of snow, which seemed to hum in the night sky but snow can’t hum but if it could it wouldn’t because that would mean that snow would hum as it fell and that would change everything, except for the snow. Then suddenly, a bright flash of light filled the dark, grey, dark and horrible sky and Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell yelled in his language, (They are an advanced species that only speak using one word at a time, which best represents what they are trying to say artistically) “Tectonic Shift” and at once the army mobilized, preparing the children with their weapons of choice, beaty poles, which are like an axe if the head wasn’t there but instead there is a live bee but bigger and made of charcoal, except the bee doesn’t fly away it just sits still and doesn't explode into bee guts when it hits something and the shaft was made from sand but hard and loamy except it doesn’t taste good like sand does, and it can be made into glass. Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell’s army held their beaty sticks with angry anger at the intruders who were now so close to the mountains that Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell could begin to smell their musty aroma, and at once he knew that these guys had had a bad day so he began to call off his army except Tiffany landed in the middle of them and caused an avalanche, causing the snow to fall off the mountain with all the people of Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell scraping down with it and they all screamed screams of terror as heaps of them died from being buried under all of the other Dinosaur Men. When the snow stopped falling down the mountain all of the survivors began to climb out from the blood stained snow that was full of blood and guts of all the dead ones and Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell screamed with a blood curdling scream that curdled the snow that all of the blood was on and the snow became a sickly gross foam that was even deeper than the snow and because it was foam and at once with a scream Tiffany gave birth out of his stretched, glowing, star like anus, his newborn child clawed and groped at his stretching colon as Tiffany looked up at the sky and saw the star that fathered his child and at once the pain from the antelope sized fetus crawled from his stretching anus, and he smiled with his star teeth and winked with his star eyes casting a warm light down on his spouse (get ready) and at once Tiffany felt as if this was the star that would father a strong, baby with a superior dong over everyone in the kingdom, and it would be his destiny to sit on the throne of the kingdom and rule after Aqua the Battle Tortoise, and the star winked again and Tiffany realised that the star was someone familiar, and he was suddenly distracted by the scream of Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell as he tore through the foam on his tiny, sexy, green, scaly feet that for the first time in a while, made Fabio’s third leg began to throb and rise. As Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell held his dead family in his tiny arms he screamed “gatorade powder” and all the remaining Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell’s began to attack the duo, (uh oh) but then Tiffany’s child stood, revealing a muscular muscle man with a sprinkle of anal residue covering his handsome, scaly, flaming, bearded face. He was wearing a tight red velvet pair of suspenders over his black studded trench coats that were wrapped around his legs and tucked into the base of his Metallica t-shirt, which was like 5 sizes too small, and showed his muscular chest hair and groaned in a way that caused many of the Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell’s to die instantly from his sound and he also smelt like bath salts. His name was Mcleary, as it was tattooed onto his broad, flat, curvaceous chest. At once the Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell’s bowed their dinosaur heads, except they were sort of human like in the movie where those guys make the flying thing but its old and weird but it works and then they don’t get beaten by their wives for bowling, and the head was more round and green, like a mongoose knuckle if it was green and like the shape of the Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell’s heads. In suicidal awe Fabio and a stretched Tiffany watched as the Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shells began to chant:








And a giant, warm wave of pride drilled through Tiffany's chest as he gazed up at his son, his long golden hair that drilled down off his back and was curly and long but it looked strait except in the light it looked curly but it wasn’t because it was just a trick of the light and thats super wierd because if light is not like alive then how can it trick you, because if it isn’t alive then how DOES it trick you and i really want to know if light might actually have like eyes or a brain or something because then that would mean that it could always see you and the only way to escape would be in the dark so you would have to do all the really weird thing in the dark but what if the dark was alive as well then nothing would be safe and that would mean that even when you are doing the hanky spanky in the peehole the everyone would see, and that would suck and be really bad because then they would know how the pecker moves and you would be embarrassed, except Mcleary’s hair was now in the darkness as above him came the worst of them all, Aqua the Battle Tortoise had sent his evil, dark, fleshy minion, Gimbo the Colossal Death and he began to breath his gas onto the Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell’s and they ran in fear, and grabbed their beaty poles and began to hurl their weapons of deadly force of destruction at the beast but he kept on going at them with deadly force. Gimbo was wearing a giant shirt with blue studs and a bracelet with a photo of his family that was made of solid blood and he wasn’t wearing pants because he didn’t want to and he slashed with his claws and his swords at the Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell’s and they began to crumble, all except for Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell who grabbed his dead family and Fabio and Tiffany, and hopped onto Mcleary’s muscular, tanned, oily back and they ran away into the night sky where they could see Gimbo eating and raping and both all of the Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell and it was then that he knew that his homeland was going to be raped and he looked down at his family and they died in his arms and he began to cry, his tears running down Fabio’s back and this triggered a magnum extension of his cat slapper and he groaned in delight at the pure sadness that fell down his spine. As Mcleary ran, Gimbo continued to rape the mountain and the snow which was foam from the blood curdling screams, and the 4 heroes ran into the sunset where in the distance they saw a cave, and there was light coming from it (big surprise) and they began to run faster and then they saw a person at the cave and they could see the outline of a man but it might not have been because the light was tricking them and it wasn’t a man because the light is alive and it wanted them to see a man except the reality was that there was actually a big storm coming in the cave, and all the secrets would come unfolded in the folds of the cave which was almost as big as all of the problems of the heroes because they were in grave danger because of Aqua the Battle Tortoise and then if he got his moist hands on them he would probably do things that only would be done to people who were really bad in the ways of life because they killed someone or were a vegan or a terrorist but our heroes were not these and Aqua the Battle Tortoise was going to give them pain in all of their orifices. As they approached the cave, they saw the figure begin to become a shape and it was none other than who no one saw coming.


Chapter 5 - Uprising


A long time ago on a small house in a lake there lived a little man and his fish son called Herpes and he was named after his mother’s greatest gift to his father and this made him incredibly happy and he didn’t laugh because he was half fish and could not talk except he blubbed in a language that only his father could understand so he became a secret agent that began to spy on all of the wood animals and take photos of them while they emptied their moist, full bowels in the woods that would be added to the fish’s photo collection that he put up in his room and looked at the work of art every night before he went to bed and the thought of putting his luscious fish fingers in their taught, lumpy rectums just made his scaly dingle berry quiver with delight and expand to its full length which was eight inches wide and one inch long with a meter in girth and he was proud of his salami so he raped his father and then began to collect all of the animals that he took photos of and raped them as well, he built his sex dungeon and only put in one window except its was a fake window that when things went through it it made them go onto his love rod and then he would have the spanky hanky in the poopyhole and then the animals would scream in delight and pain as their anal holes were stretched to the size of watermelons, except one of the animals who was an alligator who did not want to get raped to as he climbed through the window he bit off the immense and superior chode that made him water at the mouth and the fish boy yelled “No”, which is what Fabio yelled as he saw who was standing in the cave that the heroes needed to hide from Gimbo and his evil swords and fire holes and gas. In the cave stood Dandy Pandy and her immense army of soldiers from the mushroom kingdom who began to cry when they saw the hero’s. As they entered the cave Fabio began to tell his epic tale to the crowd and they listened like it was a Beyonce song but if Beyonce played tennis nude, like Dandy Pandy and that's how the legend was born about the time that Fabio and Dandy Pandy who is also the mum of Duchess Nectarine, had the deep penetrative hanky spanky in the doohickey and at the end the birth was horrendous with blood and juice coming out and the there was a tiny dwarf baby who was then cursed by the evil Aqua the Battle Tortoise to be gay, and also the baby was half fish and it was then that Fabio realised that Tiffany was his son and heir to the mushroom throne if Duchess Nectarine died and then he had the best idea and told everyone what it was and believe me it was so smart, that Dandy Pandy would get her army of men with horns and tusks and big teeth and get them to attack the castle and kill Duchess Nectarine and then Fabio would become the King of the Mushroom Kingdom and his Prince would be Tiffany and they would be happy and good because Duchess Nectarine would be dead and so would all of the other bad guys except not all of them because there are too many. As the group prepared the battle plans, Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell noticed a tint of sadness in the eyes of Mcleary, as he was slitting his wrists in the corner of the room and looked like he didn’t belong and Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell understood and at once began to feel a feeling that he hadn’t felt in a long time, as his medium dong began to rise he looked up and saw that Mccleary was drooling as the fight of his tiny green body that he wanted to squeeze with passion as his magnum, superior dong rose, and he scraped over to Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell and took him by the hand and they walked along the back of the cave until they met a man with the keys to the secret door in the cave and then they took the keys and went to the secret room where Maclery tore off his Metallica shirt revealing his streamline muscles that grabbed the light as Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell began to tremble and moan and Mccleary was suddenly naked and sweating in a way that was not sexy but instead was gross except Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell was kinky and the gross sweat made him growl as he pounced on the muscular man and pinned him to the floor and began to wrap his meaty lips around the studs throbbing fallopian flashlight as he put it so far down his throat that the red swollen eye protruded from his anal hole and Mccleary felt it really good and he began to imagine him and Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell married and the thought made him turn over and spread his bleached hairless anal hole of joy as he felt Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell’s medium throbbing sausage begin to drill into his intestines and he sighed in glorious stretching, and began to feel a surge of jism erupt from all of his holes and at the same time Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell gave Mccleary a burst of luscious load and it mixed with the other one making a fluorescent grey cocktail of baby gravy as the two sighed and lay to the side. But suddenly the door burst open and in came the guards, except the door was not burst open because that would be stupid and for a door to burst it would have to be filled with something and does that mean that it can be filled with wood or maybe this door was a water door like a water bed except a door and if you ran into it it would feel good. The guards, their tiny hairy eyes beamed down on the eloping couple who were like super naked, and then in disgust the guards moved their feathered arms down to their axolotls and released them onto the couple and they were really ferocious and wanted to kill Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell and Mccleary and Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell let go of his dead family and but then wall behind the lovers opened up and they fell into the secret room that opened up and swallowed them except it didn’t because its a room and rooms can’t swallow and if they could then that would be retarded and then houses would be alive, and as the pair fell into the room they heard a voice coming from the walls and then the voice was talking and yelling in a magic voice that came out of the wall, except the wall did not have mouths or a brain so it means that the wall was either not making the noise or the wall had advanced and was now magic and could talk without a mouth, and the second one was far more plausible and the voice said “ You can not leave until one of you says the secret”. Fabio moved his feet in unison along the floor and looked at the army that belonged to Dandy Pandy and his anal hole began to tingle and expand causing his faecal matter to slide uncontrollably out of his gaping hole and its greasy warm fluid lining the lining of his fluorescent black overalls that began to expand as the doo doo mad his pants expand and stretch as a wide smile gripped his face and his overalls stretched to bursting point and then it did and the warm love goo splattered the wall and the army and then the army grew and grew and became strong and had superior dongs to the tiny, weak, pathetic, small, grey, amatuer, hairless, and gay flesh batons and Fabio knew that this would be the army to kill Duchess Nectarine, the evil whore who was bad and wanted to take the throne from his beloved son Tiffany, who sat and saw the army as they marched out the cave and there were like 10,0000 of them and the sight made Tiffany tingle and stretch his loins as he grated on his feet across the floor to his beloved father and they stood and wiped robust tears from each others eyes and cried while the army marched towards the castle of Aqua the Battle Tortoise, and suddenly rain began to fall from the dark sky, and it clanged on the army of the powerful soldiers whose fur became glistening in the dark, rain and then their axolotls growling angrily and the rain again fell down on the soldiers, and the rain machine in the sky was feeling much better and decided to rape the rain better than last time, and the rain screamed as it fell but no one heard it because it was rain and rain cant talk, and across the valley where there stood a man and he glistened in the cracks of the sun and glowed and he was super cool and he looked down at the army and pain and anger and rage filled his bowels as he picked up his paintbrush, and he knew that he had to fix this as he breathed heavily and his hairy member moved to attention and growled.


Chapter 6 - The Reaping


On Top of the wall of the city and in the city was Aqua the Battle Tortoise sat a vcxman who was not a guard and not a bad guy, except if he was a bad guy what did that mean because then they are the same thing but by saying this i mean that he was like super menacing and alone wolf and the sun glistened on his thick, metallic skin and he jumped down from the wall and his skin was metalic and shined on the sun and the sun glistened in its glorious reflection and he slid along the ground as he approached the dark castle and it was deep and dark because the walls were black and red and covered in red tinfoil so the aliens screeched “bacon for breakfast urgh moist” because they could not access the brains of the leader of the evil side and then the metal man or woman moved silently with noise into the door of the castle, his strong and muscular and hairy and sweat ridden hands slid down the doorframe and the sweat was salted but not too salted so it didn’t taste good and he door to the castle felt his moist sweat run down and as it hit the doors tongue and the door could taste how moist the sweat was and he thought it was good and it reminded him of the days where he was but an young door and his mother would grind against his father and then the wood sweat would drip down onto him as a little door and then he would cry. As the door felt the metal mans beefy hand he let out a small squeak and the man was like a ninja and with super fast skills, lowered his slacks and thrusted his blade like paternal porker through the door as his groin ridden switchblade began to pound the now screaming door and he had no remorse and was super angry as he humped so hard the door began to smoke from how fast he was going and the tiny flames were born from the friction and as they looked up at their mother and father they were mutilated by his red hot, flaming pecker, and then the mysterious figure tore the door from his hinges and he dove into the mansion still drilling his penal jackhammer through the door that was now foaming at his new hole as the figure tore his hood off to reveal he was the handsome, muscular and hairy robot Bob Ross the bounty hunter, and then suddenly a warm presence filled the nostrils of the robot hunk and his red glowing eyes expanded as he was suddenly in the presence of Aqua the Battle Tortoise and his warm, fearless, muscular stench grated along the sides of Bob Ross’s nostrils and his unsheathed shank began to rumble as their eyes locked and were focused on each other so hard that Aqua the Battle Tortoise’s shell began to crack and then suddenly exploded under the weight of his immense, and superior dong, that sprung forward like a springboard and growled to attention and the size and length made Robot Bob Ross’s anal hole begin to tremble and the door was amazed by its prowess and they all suddenly were super more naked and began to finger each others tight expanded anus holes and they all groaned and screamed and shed their hair in unison as the sheer pleasure pleased them so much as the pleasing ended with the explosion of warm baby gravy that coated the walls of the lobby and all of the ferocious penile warriors laughed and bellowed jism from their lungs in glee. Then Robot Bob Ross snapped to attention as he remembered the reason he was there and the realisation made his ding dong droop and whither like a date and he began to cry as he realised he had failed his leader and he began to slit his wrists which was really hard because he was a robot and his wrists were like super hard because they were made of metal and trying to slit your wrists with metal razors when your wrists are made of the same thing is like super hard, unless the metal was thin like foil then it would be really easy but Robot Bob Ross was solid metal except for his eyes, anus and his left nipple so unless he was slitting his eyes then he would have to weld his wrists and then it would be welding rather than slitting so that makes no sense so let’s just say that he was welding his wrists and he remembered why he had to go to Aqua the battle Tortoise and spread the bad news that Dandy Pandy had mobilized her army of ferocious beings and that she was in love with another man called Fabio the Greek Electrician, and as Robot Bob Ross stared into Aqua the Battle Tortoise’s eyes he knew that he meant to say this. With a bargle of disgruntled raging screams, Aqua the Battle Tortoise shoved his hand into his swollen anal hole and moved it deeper and deeper and deeper until he hit the golden goose, his prized possession and slowly his grip tightened and Robot Bob Ross watched in awe as Aqua the Battle Tortoise produced a cubic, hairy egg from his tight sphincter and placed down onto the ground as he rested his superior dong on the egg, its immense weight began to crack the egg and the shell shattered and the goo leaked out and inside the goo was none other than Dutchess Nectarine, who cried a river of agonising, suicidal tears as she heard that her lover had abandoned her for her own mother and the thought caused her to convulse and vomit all of the things in her out, and now she was just skin, still with eyes and holes and she was full of rage and hunger for Greek blood, and when i say Greek, i mean Fabio because he was doing the dinky hole tickle time with her mother and she inflated herself, and tied off the bottom at her thin and flappy anus. Aqua the Battle Tortoise looked back again at his new ally and the trio set off into the sunset with their eyes flaming with vengeance, and meanwhile back where Fabio was him and Dandy Pandy and Tiffany set out on their epic and dangerous adventure to kill the traitor and filthy whore Dutchess Nectarine who was betraying the people by not being dead so that Tiffany could rule, and Tiffany was Fabio’s beloved son and Dutchess Nectarine step brother, and the three could hear the sharp gnashing of the warriors fangs as they approached their destination and Aqua the Battle Tortoise saw them coming and the thought of the battle that was going to happen made his testes flap together like hands after clapping at something except if the hands were made of scrotum. As Fabio approached the tinfoil wall, he began to feel his muscular back hair and his schlong stand on edge and curl into a scroll, and he turned to his army and gave like a super famous speech:

“ Today we will fight”

“And we will hopefully die less than them”

“Keep your ocelots at the ready”

“And all eight of your eyes on the ball”

“Don’t give up on love”

“Because if you win those who don’t die will get loads of fishy snatch”


And with that the battle commenced and amidst the fighting was super good and blood and stuff and Fabio pounced on the enemy with his magnum dong swinging like a bat, except if it was a bat it would be made of wood and his magnum dong was made of dong meat which is similar to what a bat is made of and it also is hairy except Fabio’s dong did not fly often so overall it flew like a bat as it destroyed the bad guys and one of them tried to hold on to the meat log of destruction and was catapulted through the sky and as he was torn apart by the sky he thought of the sky and why it was tearing him apart and then the sky’s corpse that was still in the sky engulfed him and with a frightened scream of suicidal glee he was killed instantly by the sky but also by Fabio’s magnum dong and Fabio soon saw his arch nemesis in the battle ground, Dutchess Nectarine who with angry rage floated over to him with her blades ready to spill Greek blood and by greek blood I mean that the blood was actually Greek and it spoke with a really strong greek accent and that's weird because if, the blood was Greek then it could talk out loud and make food and that impossible because its blood but Fabio’s blood was better than normal blood because it was greek and this meant that he could use his blood to talk for him, and this was one time that he decided he would let his blood do the talking and his blood screamed in a tiny, robust voice that made Duchess Nectarine quiver and tremble and shake and as she attacked she groaned a terrible groan. In the cave, Mcleary and Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell were terrified and did not understand what was happening because if the cave was talking then where was the sound coming from and if it was magic then they would probably die and this made the pair of lovers begin to cry as they wept over Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell’s dead family and then the voice said again “say the secret” and the pair of sticky lovers groaned in unison and began to tremble as the walls began to grow arms and they groped the two into their minds. And then they were inside the rooms mind and they could feel its brain in their palms and it pulsed and vibrated to a hip hop beat as the pair quivered in joyous ecstasy as they began to fall down and landed on something mushy and moist and warm but not warm enough to be comfortable, warm in a gross weird way and then the voice again spoke but this time it said something different, something more dark and mysterious, “To find the answer you must look inside yourself”. Mcleary let out a sob of terror and thrusted his hand deep into the rectum of Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell’s taught and bleached and green anus until he was elbow deep into Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell and he groaned in pleased agony as he began to split in half as Mcleary’s arm moved further into Little Green Dinosaur Man With A Shell’s diaphragm and his green blood spilled out everywhere as his supple tank tore and spat out his blood in torrents of angry terror that coated the walls of the wet cell, which was the brain of the room and that meant that they were inside the brain of the room, which makes you think that the room would have a tumour which was made of the two lovers who were now not lovers because Mcleary had just impaled Little Green Dinosaur Man with a Shell on his broad and muscular and hairy fist, a tumour, so the room had to destroy them before the lovers killed the room, and then Mcleary flew through the brain in a hailstorm of angry rage and anger, whipping his tanned and throbbing love rod from his loincloth and looked super dramatic as the brain began to rain down from the sky and then suddenly, Mcleary felt a warm, moist and damp breeze tickle his ovary opener as he gasped as the wind pushed him towards a hole as he noticed that the walls were metal and stuff as he fell out the hole and was face to face with Fabio.


Chapter 7 - The Olfactory Paradox

One day on a warm and sunny evening, a wandering traveler sat on a log in the middle of a field and began to open a sandwich to retrieve his lunch from the inside and then as he did so he began to shrink into a small man who was angry because the last time this happened he was mistaken for an insect and spent 183 years being raped by an army of ants and wasps who were all kinky and stuff and used their fangs to penetrate his sweet hairless rectum, and this is because insects don’t have pleasure sticks and if they did they would be like super small and sad and bad and would be not good like man dong and would probably cause the insects to kill themselves and when they were raping the traveler they realised this and all killed themselves and then from that point on all of the insects in the world killed themselves and then they were gone and the traveler went back to normal, but as the traveler was shrinking he spilled part of his sandwich onto the ground and the seeds from the top of the sandwich fell onto the moist virgin soil and penetrated the earth as it sneered in sticky content and drilled deeper into the earth and then grew inside of the dirt and became grass that was incredibly aggressive and began to eat the traveler as he fell down and he screamed in pain and agony as he died with maximum death and pain and the grass was the same kind as the one that Mcleary saw as he landed on the grass which was under the pile of corpses from the horrendous battle and he looked up and stared into the lusty, angered eyes of Fabio who wrapped his deep V diver around Mcleary’s neck and he tightened his muscles and Mcleary began to seep juice at the thought of Fabio’s immense muscle control, but suddenly a soft groan from behind cause Mcleary to turn around and he saw none other than Robot Bob Ross, whose nose holes were expanded like my nephew’s anus on Thanksgiving. At once Mcleary knew what had happened and he let a singular tear roll down his muscled cheek and knew that he had to return to get Little Green Dinosaur Man with a Shell’s corpse and he dived into Bob Ross’ nasal anus, and he screamed in suicidal pleasure as light began to spill from his orifices and then he exploded into juice and robot meat. As Tiffany sat in the corner of the field and played with his meat flute, he heard the explosion and instantly knew that his only son had died in the blast and this made his beard tingle and slide off of his face in rage and he knew also who was responsible for the death of his beloved son who he had raised from a baby to be the strong man that was now dead and he drew his monkey wrench from his pants once more and ran to kill the murderer that stood near his sons new grave, and let me tell you he had it going for the win and all of his rage and anger was going to be let loose on the murderer and then the hunter would become the the duck, the fox would be the skin and the fish would be the bowl and justice would be served warm and hard in the form of murder which would kill the killer and maim the maimer and sleep the slepter and skin the skink, and as he walked he saw the smoke and he remembered when he first held his infant boy who was now dead and the thought made his tickle pickle extend to full length. As he approached the explosion he saw Fabio dead on the ground and a stranger standing in the middle of the crater, who was wearing a brown bedazzled robe with pink laces on the edges and was dark and mysterious and had no hair but was bald except the skin wasn't head skin and then he turned around and Tiffany knew who it was and they had stage IV melanoma, which as he turned to face the valiant hero showed in the boils and other bad cancers on his face. Tiffany gaped his muscular mouth in awe as he saw it was none other than the super famous and deadly, Chode and he gnarled his quivering teeth and stretched his muscular hands down as the slithered down his thighs and under his waistband and a tingling smile crept upon his face and his teeth left his body because the cancer had almost spread to them and they felt oppressed and decided to migrate, and then he pulled out his shroomy dong of maximum pleasure which grew to maximum length and wobbled in the breeze making Tiffany’s miniature fallus wrap around his thighs and he squealed in glee and then Chode swung his slimy, cancerous arm and his fingers began to stretch his moist urethra hole and it squealed in cancerous agony and then suddenly he thrusted his fist deep in his screaming dong eye grimacing his toothless mouth as his wrists bent under the immense pressure and then suddenly he ripped his hand from his now stretched eye and light and juice spilled from the hole and in his hands was a golden, cancerous pocket watch and it glowed with magnificent, glowing, warm, wet, light and it made Tiffany’s shoulders slide down his back in sexual joy and then the pocket watch began to glow and sparkle, and Chode yelled “It’s TIME to pay” and the figure with a muscular screech threw the watch into the ground and then he could feel the power surging through his ankles and into the base of his moist, sweat ridden back and then suddenly a brown worm hole appeared below him and with a cackle of evil hatred he whipped his colonoscopic cannon from his pants and drove it into the wormhole and with a squeal of pleasure and his hips moved like a hydraulic press as he began to hanky spanky the wormhole and it stretched under the immense weight of his superior meat mallet, until it stretched wide with glee and then Chode slipped into the wormholes tight, expanded hole, his veins pulsated to the beat of “Your the Voice” by John Farnham and as he flew through the time vortex he felt his cancerous chin hairs begin to expand with rage and they screamed in a silent voice because the stage IV melanoma had actually made his chin hairs become alive and they had developed a colony atop of Chode’s muscular chin, and the leader was feeling enraged as the energy from the wormhole made his hairy body begin to stretch and he at once felt as if he had the power and let his groin guided missile stretch around and tickle the supple anus of Chode and he giggled in childish pleasure as his now beard-like chin hairs suddenly shoved its dong deep into the sphincter of Chode and he screamed in shocked rage and confusion as his beard climbed from his face, running its hairy hands down his swollen cancerous hips that still were thrusting as he tumbled through time and space and the speed of the raping from his beard increased as he began to morph with the beard and became a raven. Now the beard continued to rape his mind as he flew mindlessly through a dark, suicidal graveyard that as Chode flew over as a raven because now

Author Notes: Send any feedback to [email protected], I'd LOVE to hear your reactions.


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