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The professor and d fisherman.

The professor and d fisherman.

By Olatide

A renowned professor had 2 travel 2 a town 2 give a lecture but 2 get 2 d town,he had 2 take a boat as his town is separated from d town he was going by a wide sea.So,he took a boat wt a middle aged fisherman as d driver .While on d way, d professor saw a rock in d sea,remembering d study of rocks,in amazement d prof. asked d fisherman,'do u know d structure of dis rock' d fisherman said,'i don't' d prof replied,'sorry 4 disturbing u,i have 4gotten dat u are just an illiterate'. Later, d prof saw big fishes jumping and what...a whale..,d prof exclaimed,'can u believe dat a whale is a mammal and not an ave?,infact it was a major cause of argument between biologists'. D fisherman apparently didn't know and he said so 'oh u are just a fool' d prof said.And so was d case with other 3 observations wt diff insults by d prof who couldn't believe dat sb could be dat useless and then...a violent storm rose,broke d ship and threw d travellers apart.D fisherman, being accustomed 2 such events swam 2 save d trembling professor who could not swim.Wen d prof got on land,he apologised 2 d fisherman 4 all d former insults,having learned his lesson. Lesson:everybody is useful in his own way so, never look down on anybody.

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4 Jul, 2011
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