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The Prosperity Prayer
The Prosperity Prayer

The Prosperity Prayer

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

Heavenly Father,

I approach Your throne --

Knowing full well

The treasures You own.

You are not bound by this world's economy;

Heaven's provision is available constantly.

It's determined by Kingdom policy,

It's governed by Kingdom sovereignty.

Unlimited is Your methodology

Of getting the money to me.

You multiplied the fish and loaves -

Thy supply satisfied the droves.

Will You not for me do the same?

I claim the best in Your blest name.

Even as manna rained down from above

Your hand of Providence will show up

And it will be more than enough

So overflowing shall be my cup.

"The blessing of the LORD maketh rich"

And You will add no trouble to it.

Forgive me for yielding to mediocrity

Loose me from the limits of religiosity

That I may experience Your generosity.

Even as living is linked to believing

So my giving dictates my receiving.

As reliable as the Law of Gravity

Reaping follows the sowing of seed.

There is tremendous force

In looking to You first

As my supply and source.

I turn to Your Word above all else --

It gives me power to get wealth.

I will soon have more than I do now --

It's not for me to figure out how.

At the perfect moment in time

You'll drop an idea into my mind.

Then the conceptions I birth and bring forth

Will ultimately amount to my net worth.

You have the ideal idea for me --

Maybe a commodity or a complete novelty.

You are the Creator

And You've made me one too;

Inspire me with the fire

To create something new.

The possibilities reach near to infinity --

You are with me and within me,

That means I have a winning team.

So I take my spiritual authority

And claim my biblical prosperity.


© Matt Decker

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
31 Jul, 2020
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1 min
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