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The Protector's Game
The Protector's Game

The Protector's Game

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A little boy and girl skip happily through the street,
laughing at the sound of crunching leaves under their feet.
They jump and they prance, filled with glee,
They hop and they dance as happy as can be.

Clutching their baggies filled with goodies,
They don’t notice the three creatures in dark hoodies.
Heeding the creatures all too late,
They fear that the monsters bring a terrible fate.

“Oh look!” the creatures snarl. “Isn’t this nice?
Two more little children to pay our price!
Give us your candy and we’ll leave you be,
But if you don’t, we’ll show you no mercy!”

Frightened, the children quiver in fear,
They don’t want to lose their candy this year.
Hugging each other close, they shut their eyes,
Little did they know, they were in for a surprise.

A figure appeared from a dark smoke,
It held a scythe, and wore a white cloak.
Standing behind the creatures, it showed no fright,
But just looked on with red eyes glowing bright.

The figure shook its head and gave an ominous grin,
A grin that would make goosebumps rise on anyone’s skin.
Striking its scythe down onto the land,
Many things began happening at the figure’s command.

The wind howled and the trees shook,
And the children opened their eyes to look.
Street lights flickered and leaves flew,
Everything happened at the figure’s cue.

The creatures turned around and regarded the figure,
They puffed out their chests to show they were bigger.
But size doesn’t matter in the figure’s game,
No matter what, the creatures would be brought to shame.

The wind blew harder and the creatures fell,
They couldn’t move under the figure’s spell.
The creatures couldn’t get up though they tried and tried,
Then they looked up at the figure all wet teary eyed.

The creatures cried to the figure, “Oh what shall we do?
Please tell us so we can get away from you!”
The figure looked at the creatures down on the ground,
And knew that they wouldn’t want to stick around.

So the figure gave them a last little note,
The words tumbled out from its hoarse throat.
“Return all the candy you’ve stolen by midnight,
Do good to others and make everything right.”

The creatures not wanting to test the figure’s words,
Stood up and divided the candy into thirds.
They set out with their bags of treats,
And quickly ran away throughout the streets.

The children smiled and got up on their feet,
They tried to calm down and slow their heartbeats.
To the figure they said, “We don’t mean to make a fuss,
But who are you? Please tell us! Please tell us!”

For a while the figure spoke not one word,
And listening to the silence, the children stirred.
Eventually it said, “I am the Protector, of which you have seen,
I defend trick or treaters each Halloween.”

The Protector took a deep breath and began to walk away,
Heading somewhere until the next Halloween day.
The children watched as a smoke was drawn,
Then just like that, the Protector was gone.

Author Notes: It was around Halloween when I wrote this poem. I entered it into a writing competition at my school, but unfortunately didn't win. However, I'm very happy with my outcome, and hope you are too! :)

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About The Author
About This Story
20 Mar, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
5.0 (2 reviews)

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