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The Purge
The Purge

The Purge

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Jenna was a yound 13 year old girl. she lived in the country with her parents, one day her parents had to go on a little trip to town which was a 3 day trip. It was mid afternoon and her parents had gone to town,she decided to go down to the basement where she found it very peaceful. Her parents did'nt like her going down there for they fear she will get sick from all the dust. As she was walking down the stairs, she tripped over a bat which she swore was'nt there before...As Jenna had tripped she hit somthing on the wall,which opened a secret passage way.

Jenna screamed in fear and ran up the stairs. Jenna came back down with a flash light to find a baby crying! it had mold all over it... Or what looked like mold, and it seemed to have some b-blood on it. Jenna looked over to see a DEAD WOMAN! Then all of a sudden the passage way behind her closed and the room lit up a little better. All of a sudden the TV turned on,it was the news channel.. Jenna least favorite channel she looked for a remote so she could change the channel. There did'nt seem to be one so Jenna just sat in the corner farthest from the dead body. The man on the TV was talking about, how there was only 3 more hours till the purge ended. Also about how parent are rushing out of the city to find a safe place for them and there children to hid out, then it showed a clip of a bunch of parents rushing to hide...there was a clip of her parents leaving. Did ma-ma-mom and dad leave with out her! I thought they loved me with all there heart, i geuss not... Then all of a sudden the TV turned off and it went black. Then the neighbors almost a mile away locked up in there bathroom hiding the heard Jenna scream.

Febuary, 28 7:15 PM Jenna Tyla went missing... Along with 108 other children and 58 more adults.

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20 Jul, 2018
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