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The Quest of High School Boys 2

The Quest of High School Boys 2

By resie

"Dude, did you know that the reason we are alive is to make other people lives unhappy. But in the process also make them happy." Ricky and John stare at Lou as if he's a mysteries painting.

'Lou, do you know the reason we are alive is to stare at your sister is because she's hot."  John replied while Ricky laugh.

"Awe shut up man. Not Cool." Lou said walking down the hallway.

"He's right though Lou. Haha, you're sister is hotttt! But why doe.." Ricky stop mid sentence because he bumps into Lou who stops walking.

"Lou, why you stop walking like that?" Huh? Now imagine if people would have mistake me if I was doing something nasty to your butt hole." Ricky said jokingly.

"It's Cindy she's walking down the hallway what should we do. Should I approach her about Lewis or what? Wait, what do you mean we." John ask with a straight face.

"John, we're Bros. One for all and all for one. So is Mario and Lugi, but you didn't see neither one of them save each other. Did you? John said back.

"Oh well, give it your best try." Ricky said and then smack Lou in the butt.

"Dude, we're not on the field. Lou said confusingly. It's still good luck." Lou replied back.

"Hey Lou, are you on your way to class."  A curious Cindy ask.

"Yup, we can go there together." Lou said with a sneaky grin.

"So, have you talk to Christopher yet? I invited him over my house but he said he was busy or something." A deaf minded Cindy wonder.

"Chris you stupid virgin." Lou thought to himself.

"Well, yea I guess. I know he has a job and everything so maybe he was busy with that. " A panic Lou replied.

"Ohhh, I see. Very busy man. Well, I know Mrs. White is going to partner us up today I'll just partner with him and you with Matt, ok. They need some time apart anyway. People might start to know." Cindy said taking a wild guess.

"Shit, I would believe it too." Lou thought to himself. "Haha, but they're are not like that just real good friends." Lou said re-ensuring Cindy.

"Ok." Cindy said with a huge smile. They turned the corner and bump into Lewis and Brooke.

Silence smack all four of the students faces.

[left]"I'm still mad about that pizza. Just so sad." Brooke sad sniffing with a sad face.

Question marks appear over Cindy and Lou heads.

"Anyway, hey baby on your way to class?" A  shivering Lou ask his girlfriend.

"Yes, are you two on y'all way to class? A straight face Lewis ask her boyfriend.

"Ye..." Before Lou could finish. Yes, and we are in hurry.  So I don't mean to steal your boyfriend but we are so in a hurry." Cindy said finishing as she grip Lou hand and rush to history class with him.

But not before Lewis sticks her foot out and trip Lou.[/left]

Lou face was F up in class.

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About The Author
About This Story
20 Feb, 2014
Read Time
2 mins
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