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The Quest of High School Boys.

The Quest of High School Boys.

By resie - 1 Review


"So let me get this straight yo." Matt said inhaling, then exhaling his breath in the cold winter weather while walking to school wit his friend. "You had chance to go over Cindy Woodmor house to help her with her math homework but didn't go because you had a Call of Duty clan match."

Silence bestows the the two friends as they continue on there way to school then....

"Yup, you know when it come's to Cod I'm not missing that for no one. And guess what dude?" Chris said with a huge smile on his face. "I finally reach last prestige." Chris said then stop and ask Matt. "It's like that awesome feeling you get know." Chris said looking up at the morning sky with tears in his eyes.

"What's this awesome feeling you're talking about?" A confuse Matt said walking past a frozen Chris.

Chris drops to his knees and balls his fingers into a ball.

"When you get a three hundred and sixty degree quickscope while holding the RB to throw your knife. Oh yeaaaaaaa!" Chris said making a peace sign towards the heavens.

"Cool yo, but we're going be late so let's go, Prestige Man." An uncaring Matt said to Chris.

"Matt, did you know that their might not be a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 this year?" Chris said catch up with Matt.

"And?" Matt replied back.

"If it's not. Chris said stopping once again. He takes off his glasses. Runs his fingers through his thick black hair. Puts his tinted glasses back on pushing them up with his index finger and say.

"I'll give up on Call of duty.....forever." Chris said in a serious tone.

"I see, cool." Matt replied back.

"I'll just go play Black Ops to continue my fix." Chris said rubbing his arms and blowing his breath in his hands. Was he cold or just happy to get his Duty drug fix Matt wonder to himself.

"So, this is why you didn't go over Cindy house? Matt said asking again seeing Chris catch up wit him.

"Yea, dude she bug the hell out me anyway. What's her deal? Must be a womenalo thing.' Chris said replying back

"Womenalo? You know what forget it." A curios Matt wonder about a simple word.

Chris stops once again.

"Yo, if you stop one more time I'm going slap you and turn your cheek even reder." Matt said jokingly but serois also.

"Dude? Chris said starring at the school not to far away from his tinted eyes.

"Yo." Matt replied as he lock eyes with Chris.

"I forgot our homework."

A huge atomic F bomb was drop where the two boys stood but the school bell silence out the explosion.

Author Notes: Next will be Quest of High School Girls. Please rate. Thank you.

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19 Apr, 2013
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2 mins
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