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The Quest of High School Girls

The Quest of High School Girls

By resie

"Hey Brooke you know what I discover about some women." Lewis said to Brooke who was more so paying attetion to her cheese pizza while that sat at the school cafeteria. Soon as Brooke goes in for the bite some of the cheese slides off. Seeing that cheese slide off water Brooke eyes like a garden.

"You know what I don't get, Lewis. Is why you always about to talk about something imporant when ever I'm about to eat something. Huh? You've been like since the 7th grade. Let me eat my food first, then you ask me something. Gah lee. Is that so hard." Brooke said looking at the tasty fallen cheese from her pizza.

"Like yesterday when we was over your house watching that movie and as soon as I was about to bite into my grilled cheese sandwitch you come out of nowhere....Broooke, you know grilled cheese get you constipated? Brooke said repeating in Lewis voice though. Duh stupid, I know that,but I was still hungry. Gah lee." Brooke said getting up and walked over to the cafeteria food line.

There are a couple of students in front of her. And out of the couple she only know three of the students. She was thinking about asking if she could rude them. But then all eyes would be on a ginger red headed girl who's ruding people who have been waiting in line longer than her. Then Brooke notice's something. The sight of it kills her vision like a car engine. There are only two slices of pizza left. She has know choice. She takes her phone out. She texts the student in line she know's.

Can I get in front of you? Their's only two slices of pizzza left and want one?

She looks at the student she text. She's talking with her friend, then after a couple seconds she digs into her satchel bookbag. Brooke smiles at shuffling the girl is during through her book-bag. But the smile ends at the sight of tampon being handed to her friend. Do they share tampons Brooke thought to herself. But later for that. She texts her again.

Heyyyyy Lizzzz look behind you got dam it.

Texting her once again. She see's Liz dig into her back jeans pocket. Yes, finally. Is what a hungry Brooke thought to herself. But yet again she see's something she don't. Liz pulls out her headphones and puts the left on in first. Brooke starts smiling again knowing she has to get her phone now if she abou to listen to some music. The line continue moving students hands and finger pointing at what they want accept the last two slices of Brooke goals. Brook continue starring at Liz talk to her friend. Why is this happening to me a sad Brooke thinks.

She forgets about Liz and look at the other two students she knows. She dont want to do it but she has to. For the sake of her stomach. She gets out of line and say......

"Hey Matt and Chris did ya'll do ya'll homework for history class!? Brooke ask walking in front of other students and liz.

"Uhhhh?" A confuse Matt and Chris had on there face. She bumps into Chris left arm and then get in front of them.

"Hey what the fu..." Shut up before I go to your house and shove that Call of Duty up your ass. Where you have to stick you head and fingers at to play it. Are you willing to do that? Stick you own finger in your butt." Brooke ask Chris while Matt laughs. Chris wipes the left over spit from Brooke mouth off his face.

"Well...if you do that, I'll do something even more terriable to you." Chris said crossing his arms wih confidence. "What?" A confuse Brooke ask. Chris pulls Brooke in towards his chest and whispers into her ear. She pushes him off her.

"Argh." Brooke said pushing her way through Matt and Chris.

"Huh?" Matt said laughing a little. "What you tell her?" A sniper never gives away his position Matt." Chris replied and then held his hand up for high five.

"What are you special needs? Because they eat their lunch in there classroom in case you got lost, yo."

"Shut up." Chris said lowering his hand.

Brooke returns to the table where she left Lewis.

"Now what did yo....." Brooke stops half way through her words at the sight of seeing Lewis listening to her music from phone. She pokes Lewis with her middle finger. Lewis pulls her left ear phone out, then the right one. Lewis rubs the inside of ears trying to pull the left over music from out of them.

"Yea, Brooke?" She ask.

"Eariler when I was talking about being over your house did you hear me?"

"What?" A confuse Lewis ask.

Broke drops her head just like the cheese drop from her pizza. But not before seeing Liz walk by with a slice of pizza. And then Christopher with the other. He had smile on his face and aim it Brooke. Then he did something unimaginable. He walk past the trash can and threw his pizza in there.

That day Brooke got all F's on her test.

Author Notes: More short stories to come. Please rate. Thank you.

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23 Apr, 2013
Read Time
4 mins
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