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The quiet one's pt.1

The quiet one's pt.1

By futurerAuthor101

Once upon a time ,their lived a fourteen year old girl named "Kelly Duck's" .Kelly ducks lived with her mother ,her mother an father divorced when she was just 5 years old, Kelly never really got to know her father because she heard so many stories about him killing people, abusing women, perverting young girls, but all these stories were jus all made up. Kelly mother is a former drug attic who suffered time in jail for attempting to do suicide while Kelly was still in her mother's belly. Kelly lived a hard life while growing up, watching her mother get beaten up, or being called out of her name ,but the thing is, her mother is still with him ...they smoke, drink, curse, shot people for money ,rob banks, in front of Kelly an they threaten to kill her if she ever tells the cops.
Kelly is locked up ,in the basement...She hasn't been fed, cleaned, or out of the attic for over two years now. Kelly survives by eating her own skin, all her finger nails are gone, her tongue is cut, her skin is scratched up with bruises an burns, her hair has been pulled out, an she knows nothing but to act like an animal.
Kelly then dies an her happy- spirit comes back to haunt an kill....

Author Notes: This is just a brief idea of how the story is going to be.

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30 Jun, 2014
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1 min
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