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The Race Against Change
The Race Against Change

The Race Against Change


"The Race Against Change"

By: Regis Ung

The race had started, my heart began to pump

Gasping for air as I sprinted against gravity

Holding me down, slower and slower I ran

Trying to speed up against the challenges ahead

Hurdles thrown at me dragging me down

Every muscle in my body fighting through the pain

With the championship and glory on the line,

We were sprinting side by side, face to face

Beads of sweat rolled down my skin

That is when time left me fighting

As I ran my heart out against him

I used every ounce of muscle

The finish line seemed to be further and further...

My heart suddenly stopped.., the beating slowed.., then paused

I had let him... tear me apart…

Not sweat, but tears rolled down my face

I was stuck.., frozen in fear

Clouded with old memories, I linger thinking about him

A fuzzy ringing blocked the distant sounds of cheering

How could everything become worthless in seconds?

What held me back from moving forward?

That is when time left me stunned

Fallen to the ground in confusion

Hands pulling hairs out of my head

Down on my knees contemplating... what did I do...

What didn’t I do, what happened for me to get here

How could I have betrayed my promises.. my goals...

My thoughts wander, lost and afraid

He got under my skin, got inside my head

Filled my emotions with hatred, angry, misery, and fear…

Despair, sadness, doubt, heartache… and fear…

He shattered my confidence towards the rest of life

He was change, something I needed to overcome

That is when time left me broken

I had been showered with medals and ribbons

Those times gave me comfort and I couldn’t let go of them

Left fragile and weak like a house of cards

He had crossed the finish line, but I couldn’t

Left unmotivated with each step that I took toward life

Left in doubt because I gave up on everything that I stood for

I was the reason I had been left in the dark

I was mesmerized by its stars that held history

The war rages on against life and it’s army of struggles

Physical pain, and mental exhaustion

The step across the line was the step away from them

I couldn’t beat him because it meant leaving them

The finish line was a sign of change,

While I was scared lingering in the past

That is when time left me behind

Author Notes: Through my English class, I wrote a poem about how life is challenging and how change is hard to overcome. This was inspired by my childhood and how it compares to who I am today. My past self will always be memories and lessons, while the most important thing is what I do today for my future self.

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About This Story
11 May, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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