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The Radiant Alien
The Radiant Alien

The Radiant Alien

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

I was a high-ranking official
In the United States Army.
Any further details
Would surely come back to harm me.

I must remain anonymous
Or else face the consequence.
But you would not believe
What -- who -- has come to visit us.

I have since returned to civilian life
Having retired my active stripes.
But there's a secret (still classified)
A secret I must bring to light.

One day on the base
I am delegated the assignment
To meet with a "foreign visitor"
Sequestered in confinement.

As the metal door opens
And cautiously I enter the room
It's as if I step into
A kaleidoscopic kaboom.

I struggle to fathom what it is I'm seeing
As I'm in the presence of an otherworldly being.

A single syllable I can not manage to utter
As the E.T. spellbindingly emits beautiful colors.

The creature has the feature of translucent skin
Allowing my eyes to witness its soul-light within.

There's no need for words or any sort of vocalization
For "he" communicates through iridescent information.

"Look at those colors," I think,
"Oh how they glow!
Am I in a dream
Or a Twilight Zone episode?"

At first I feel threatened
In the unearthly presence
But my stressing is lessened
By the progression of luminescence.

Soon I am awash in an ocean of deep emotion.
The familiar reality seems to flow in slow motion.

Practically every cavity of the anatomy
It's divulged like a light bulb.
My faculties as a result
Perceive each bright pulse.

The eyes show a breathtaking bright glow.
A micro version of the bodily light show.

Between flashes the alien studies and takes in
My human form, my earthly shell, my opaque skin.

Suddenly the entity begins to blink purple and pink
As if to "say" that we're emotionally in sync.


My forehead is hit by the beam of a green laser.
Instantly I feel deep eco-love for my planet's Nature.


Soon the room becomes saturated in waves of brilliant blue.
Then I feel perfect serenity due to this calming hue.


Gradually the light morphs into yellow then gold.
At once I begin to feel more courageous and bold.


My head becomes conscious of the anger in our world
As photons of red and orange mix and swirl.


So mesmerized am I by the prismatic flash
That I fail to notice the healing of my rash.

Beyond verbal dialogue this alien so radiant has evolved.
A language wherein no form of audio is involved.

Humans use words to affect moods and thinking too
But here's a sentient being who does it by blinking hues.

I feel so primitive as I ponder my reliance on words
And how alphabets dictate so much of life on Earth.

As I behold the colorful face
A question my mind faces:
"What other alien races
Walk the corridors of Space?"

Away with the norm.
I'll never forget that time
When I met the glowing life form
Who did away with my paradigm.

©️ Matt Decker

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
16 Feb, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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