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The Raven

The Raven

By akumumasochist

Narrator 1 father child one
Narrator 2 mother child two

Notes: Mother has a nasal sound in her voice
Father's voice becomes more and more aspirate as he reads each line

Narr1: Once Upon a Midnight Dreary, a man pondered, weak and weary.
Narr 2: Over many quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore-
narr1&2: gentle rapping (clap hands in unison) rapping (clap hands again)
Father: Tis some visitor, Tapping at my chamber door...Only this, and nothing more.
Narr 1: it was a bleak December
Narr 2: each dying ember wrought it ghost upon the floor
Father: oh, how I wish the morrow!
Mother: how vain of you, to bring upon self-sorrow
Narr 1: the rapping continued (clap hands in unison)
Narr 2: and so began the tapping (lightly stomp feet in unison
Child 1: who could that be?
Child 2: who knows? Maybe it's just the wind.
Father: I cannot stand this any longer!
Narr 1: out of terror, out of fear, he then rushed to the door.
Father: Sir, or Madam, truly your forgiveness i implore.
Narr 1: once again, the rapping began (clap twice in unison)
Narr 2: and so on the tapping (stomp feet twice in unison)
Father: Lenore...?
Narr 1: Assuming the visitor to be his lost Lenore, he called for her, again and again.
Father: Lenore, Lenore..!
Narr 1: unable to take the frustration any longer, the man opened his front door, only to find the darkness, and nothing more.
Narr 2: the silence was broken, and stillness gave no token, and he was left to whisper, for his dear Lenore.
Father: Lenore... Lenore...
Narr 1: he wept the words for only a moment more, and then a discovery came upon his mind.
Father: surely; it was the wind…and nothing more.
Narr 2: then, happily satisfied, he pulled upon the shutter,
Narr 1: with many flirt and flutter; and standing there.
Narr 2: upon his window ledge...
Narr 1: stood there, a
Narr 1&2: Raven, and nothing more.

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About This Story
6 Nov, 2012
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1 min
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