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the real chapter 1, page 2

the real chapter 1, page 2

By alexander

She was still asleep but had an iron hand grip on his cloak he coulden't peal it away from it so he was just about to give up and let her have the cloak. Then her eyes began to open and she looked at Daske with deep green eyes and were the colour of emeralds and the center of the forest which has never heard of people, she lookked straight into his eyes and she said ' I have found you Daske ' then she fell asleep again. Daske became even more confused at what to do. This girl that was infront of him ahd called him by his name but he had no idea who she was. So he decided to wait for her to wake up again. He was going to ask how she knew him . He waited for hours sometimes he would try to wake her but she woulden't move. He though she had died but when he checked for breathing , he could here her breath so he decided to wait this girl who had appeared from somewhere and had called him by his name and Daske was curious why she was here with him . When she did wake up it was late afternoon Daske asked her who she was she said her name was Alivia and that she came from Mortussto find him, when he asked why she told him her tale ' one day in the orphanage i was called to see the high mother she gave me the task of looking for you. She woulden't say why but just told me the village in which you lived, I did what she asked and saw you running though the woods i followed you until you collapsed and so did I for I had been exasted for walking two days straight. the high mother gave me one more task that was to follow you where ever you went.' Daske said 'if you want to follow me i won't stop you then' another reason he wanted her was becuse he was alone and another was that she was quite pretty. To go into more details she was tall and slender her hair went down to her shoulders and her eyes and her body gave off a determind but graceful girl and she was wise beyond her years. So Daske and thats how it began so they left into teh grassy planes into the unknown but now Daske wasen't so afraid to be doing it now he wasen't alone. They set across the plains to the Earls castle in the heart of the plains. That night they came across a small apple orchard in the plains which was fortunate since neither had eaten since the day before. It was an abandoned farm and the house lay mostly barren and left to crumble by nature . They stayed in one of the bottom rooms since the stairs and the floor above looked dodgy to try, where they stayed was a small stock room which when straw from teh barn and blankets were put down made a very snug sleeping room. The two quickly fell to sleep since walking all day and now full bellies makes most people sleepy the two of them were the same and the diden't wake till the morrning of the next day. Daske was the first to wake up he thought he could smell meat cooking over a fire and he was lures to the front of the house when he looked outside he saw what he belived to be a tribe of nomads he had learnt from his father that the nomads of the plains were viscous and would kill anyone. As Daske watched them he saw them laughing and being friendly with one another. Eventually he remembered Aliva and that she might end up in trouble or might do something to get them discovered but just as he was truning around to go back there were nomads behind him and he never heard them, the nomads dragged Daske outside to show him off to the others that were there.

Author Notes: please enjoy again sorry it was late next page in five day hopefully enjoy the read and hope to write to you all soon.

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3 Aug, 2013
Read Time
3 mins
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