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the real chapter 1, page 3

the real chapter 1, page 3

By alexander

They laughed at him but not in a harsh laugh but a friendly one they asked him to sit down next to them and to tell them his story, they said they that they come form a tribe of story tellers and thay when they come upon travellers that they like to hear their stories. So Daske told them what had happened when he mentioned the creatures the group looked dismayed and all became quiet after he said that part of the tale. When he finished telling the story to them, Alivia had joined them after she had gotten up and not finding Daske in the house she went outside and found him talking to the nomads she was also brought up hearing gruesome stories about the nomads.

But when she saw them listening to Daske so intently she believed that she could trust them so when Daske was done she asked rather brazenly 'I have heard stories about you eating people is this true? ' then the nomads humour were brought back to life and they were laughing heartily. Eventually Daske and Alivia joined in as well because they felt the warmth and the happiness radiating from he nomads when the laughter died down a little one of the nomads said that only a few of the very small tribes have ever done that and that it had mostly been banned in most nomad triebs across the plains. After they had finishe laughing , they asked the children if the wanted to stay with them because they were going to travel quiet close to the centre they said they were hunting the dear that lived on teh plains and that there scouts had returned to tell them where the dear were. The two kids accepted whole-heartedly the nomads started to tell the children about themselves and thier traditions. There were thirty of them in the small band and that the main part of the tribe was stationed about forty leadues away and there were around three hundred there. the group the children were with wasen't the only one there were three groups out hunting for the tribe to get stores for Autumn and Winter that were comming.

They asked the children if they would like to learn to hunt from what they heard the tribes men believed the children had a long journey to get to people to belive them. Daske and Alivia agreed it would be good to learn to hunt so two nomads by the name's of Karl and Duna put the two children through the paces teaching them how to ride a horse which Alivia exceeded in she said it was because she needed to get down form Mortuss to Dumveal which she was making by horse back but three-quaters the way there she was sleeping in a glade on the edge of the forest. The next day the horse was gone so she had to make the rest of the journey by foor.

Then it was archery and spear throwing neither of the children had ever done either but Daske had good shooting skills and picked it up fast but Aliva only managed to hit the archary board on the edge a few times but at spear throwing both of them faired well at it. When evening decended the two of them fell asleep they were too exhausted and couldn't even stay awake for dinner with the nomads. Daske awoke in the middle of the night he had a nightmare about the burning of his town and the smell of everything burning. He got up leaving Alivia to sleep he was walking through the orchard when he found one of the nomads on night patrol his name was Andy he was two years older than Daske Andy was the youngest one of the band. Daske liked Andy when Daske saw him he said 'hey' and Andy did the same and offeref him a drink form is cow skin Daske took a swig and he almost spat it all out it was very strong mulled wine but not bad it woke him up at least, he aslo wanted to be near someone awake then left to the dark muttering in his thoughts.

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9 Aug, 2013
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3 mins
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