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the real chapter 1, page 4

the real chapter 1, page 4

By alexander

Andy asked 'what's up? not many people can wake up after that training you got' with a grin on his face. Daske says 'I can see why as well, ha ha I was having a nightmare I couldn't sleep' he said in a dispirited voice. Andy was there when Daske told him his story and Andy could understand the same ahd happend to his family he was telling Daske when he was young another tribe came to his tribes encampment and raided them and burned down the tent's. His parents were still inside one of the tent's he was only a boy and he felt anger at what had happend to Daske as well he asked Daske if he would like help hunting down the monsters that were taking over the land Daske said 'but what about your tribe your family?' Andy replied in a bemused voice' they were the one's who took care of me but this is more important anyway I will be back once it's over right?' Andy looks at Daske with a grin on his face. Daske realised then that telling people wouldn't keep them safe they had to be able to fight them or thte counties would fall to the creatures.

But the very first thing he would have to do was to convince the earls about what is happening and to get the counties to start fighting back. Daske thanked Andy for the talk , he was looking forward to be traveling together, he said that he needed to go back to bed to be ready for more training tommorrow. Andy said goodnight, when Daske got back to his and Alivia's tent he found her awake she said hello and then droped back to sleep again. Daske looked at her while she is sleeping, she seems cute while she sleeps Daske tried to clear his head and go to sleep . When he wakes up again Alivia is already out of the tent and is talking to one of the nomads. They handed Daske a bowl of sliced apples and some roasted dear meat.

They tell him to put two apple slices one on top and below they would act as something for his fingers to hold, he did what they said and took a bite it was the best thing he had ever tried. The sweetness of the apples went so well with the tender dear that he finnished the bowl in mere minutes everyone was laughing when he asked for seconds. They gave him another bowl and when he finished he feels very full. Karl and Duna came over to tell them that there going to show them how to do traps, snares and how to camouflage themselves with what is about them to hide them from the monsters. It's another gruelling day for the children they only just managed to stay awake long enough to have supper and get to their tent's befor collapsing into a dremless sleep.

The next week is much the same but htey learn a variant of skills from Karl and Duna but they began to be bale to cope with the training enough that they could stay up and talk to the nomads. the children learnt the nomads history they learnt that this tribe had been around for thousands of years and that as long as the stories had been past down the tribe had been and were storytellers and wevers. After two weeks had past of their training, the last of the scouts had come in so it was time for them to head out. The chilren accepted the offer to go with the nomads. There new companion Andy travelled with the children in the own group away from the nomads. Andy agreed with Daske's idea of going straight to the earl and telling him what is happening, for the earls are gardians in each counties and they listen to the people. Aliva asked the important question of how they would get to speak to him, she had heard it could take years for anyone to see the earls. Andy couldn't help out because he had lived his whole life on the plains so it was up to Daske to think of a way to get to the earls.

Author Notes: hope you enjoy the story if you do hit the stars if not leave a comment on your views that would be great till next time

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19 Aug, 2013
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3 mins
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