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the real chapter 1

the real chapter 1

By alexander


There was once a boy, he lived in a little village of dumveal. It was not a big place it had a market, blacksmith and a large part of the population were farmers. This boy wasen't a local of the village, he had been put on the doorstep of the blacksmith's. When Kalik's wife woke up and she came out to go to the market she found him on the cold doorstep with a little blanket around him she took pity on him and they called him Daske. He grew up learning how to be a blacksmit but that all changed the day when he was out to one of the outer farms he had to collect payment from teh farmer for fixing his plough. when he got there, the farmer was not where he usualy was nor were the cattle that were usually in teh barn so Daske went around the barn to the house. When he was heading to the door there was someone coming out of the house but it was not the farmer, this thing had a black cloak and a masked face and the rest of his body wascovered in white silk but his eyes were made of pure evil and they were all all black with no colour in them. When Daske saw these creatures he ran he did not know why but he thought he could smell blood on the creatures and that it was fresh. He ran back to the village but by the time he got there the whole place was on fire and the place he had known for his whole life was crumbling down right before him. He ran to his home and found his farther dead, he wnet ferther into the house and found his mother dying. With her last breath she whispered to him to find his real mother and to warn the people of what was coming. Then in the floor above him he heard movement and a noise from what he could only guess was more of those creatures that he had seen. He ran from his home falling down while he ran and all he can remember from his running was the burning and the smell of death that felt like it was consuming him from the inside out. What Daske diden't understand was that he was feeling grief for the first time in his life and anger for those evil things by the time he regaind control of his body he had run 10 and 5 leagues from his home his body collapsed when he stopped and his body shut down and he fell into a dreamless sleep. That night he came close to capture twicw but for some strange reason the creatures looking fro him could be standing over him but could not see him. When Daske awoke the next morning, he vaguely remembered what had happend but then all at once the nightmare that had happend to his home and family came flooding back to himand he collapsed into the grass and wept. He lay there for what felt to him an age but was only a few hours at most. When he finally gathered his wits he rose from his stupor and looked about him and found he was on the plains of the country of Kalkia. He was on the northen border of the plains from what he had learnt from his mother about the plains was that they were vast and that the only people that lived on the borders were nomads and that at the center was where any towns and the castle where the earl of the kingdom lived. Daske diden't know what to do. When he looked around all he could see was grass in front of him and around him. When he looked behind him in teh distance he could see flames in the forest which were on the borders of what once was his home he decided to go forwards into the unknown rather than face the horror that was behind him. As he began to walk through the grassy plains, he felt a tug on the bottom of his cloak he looked down behind him and saw a girl beside him, she looked the same age as Daske around fifteen or sixteen.

Author Notes: i am going to do three series. series one will be called the real cahpter 1, number two will be The hidden walls and the third will be called Fight or flight. i want to do something differnt to have something people can read more and more of i know it is a short story sight but i think people will enjoy it . if you don't leave a comment in the series and let me know thanks or if you do hit the like :)

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About The Author
About This Story
20 Jul, 2013
Read Time
3 mins
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