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The real me??

The real me??

By Ala17

The thing that i hate the most is when people tell me they had a hard life, that they just give up with everything. One of my friends thinks because she hasn't had a bf for about 4months she should become a lesbian, well i think that's pathetic. No one really understands what other people are going through do they?? i got asked today why do i smile so much and this is why....

You think you know me when you don't. You complain about not having a bf for 4months, well i ain't had one for almost a year. You complain about you'r cousin stealing all you'r clothes, well if you wanna know mine died on friday and i wish she was here to steal mine. You complain about you'r mum going out all the time well mine's been stuck at work for the past 3weeks because off the snow and i haven't seen her since. You say you have a hard life because you'r parents split up and you'r mums had cancer, well my dad use to hit me so bad i still got scares on my back and my mum also had cancer and i almost watched her die in my arms. You complain about the little things in life without even asking about mine.

So you asked me why do i smile so much, did you ever think that maybe just maybe when i get home i go straight to my room and cry or that i have suicidal thoughts in my head because you never stop to ask about how im doing or what i've been through.

Maybe just maybe one day you'll stop thinking about you'r self and just think about some one else!!!

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1 Dec, 2010
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