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The Life of a Soldier #1 : The Rebellion
The Life of a Soldier #1 : The Rebellion

The Life of a Soldier #1 : The Rebellion

IsLoveAnIllusion-- The Huntress --
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β€œForward men, and seize those traitors!” A tenor voice emerged from the storm of people, clear as the dark and ominous day, brutal as the swing of an execution axe. A bloodbath was about to commence, the tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The men obeyed, charging forward with a bloodcurdling battle cry.

The peace and quiet were disturbed by screams of terror and cries of agony, ripping through the air excruciatingly slow, as if someone was dragging a blunt knife across their bare skin. I stood there hesitating, holding on to the deadly rifle in a position to shoot. Killing all these people because of their beliefs and religions is straight-up inhumane, but what choice do I have? It is my wife and children or them, and they are not going to live to see another day in one way or another.

My grip tightened on the rifle as I walked shakily down the boulevard of broken dreams. Lovers were separated and killed, children screaming for their parents, choking on their own blood and the anguish cries of their broken-hearted families and friends. Men and women begged for mercy, but mercy was too high of a price for them to pay. They tried fighting back, but even that was not enough. The skeletal hands of death were their inevitable price to pay.

Shots rang out, echoing through the empty valley, the screams of poor women and cries of helpless men faded into the silence, but no peace and quiet would ever bestow on this village again. The warm crimson liquid watered the grassy green field with hopelessness and despair, lifeless bodies of men and women littered the blood-soaked floor. The village turned into a ruthless battlefield, regarded by the watchful eyes of the god of death and the vengeful smile of the god of war. I glanced away from the tragedy and the mingle of bloodied bodies and to the sky, eyes following the dark clouds rolling in from the horizon.

β€œGood job, men. We are now one step closer to driving all foreigners from China and restoring the purity in blood in our beloved empire! As long as we are alive, Chinese blood shall flow through the country, uniting us as one. Chinese, and Chinese only. Long live the Boxers! Long live China!” Cheers sounded, men bashed their hands together, hungry and out hunting for traitorous blood. This is all too much for a sixteen-year-old to handle. I was too soft, too ignorant, older soldiers say, in this chaotic and dark world, it is to kill or to be killed.

A war is coming. And we shall be the warriors who build this town.

Author Notes: If you don't know, this is a fiction piece based on the Boxer Rebellion of China. Hope you enjoy! Luv you! :)

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-- The Huntress --
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22 Mar, 2020
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2 mins
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