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The red ribbon.

The red ribbon.

By courtiex

Ally smiled she was with her mum running around the garden. Today she had the best luck and it started when she put the red ribbon in her hair.

she picked her mum a rose and her mum
Smiled "oh ally thank you baby girl I love you"

A week later ally hadn't taken the ribbon off so that night in her sleep her mum took the ribbon.
Ally woke up to breakfast made "mum I made a speach about you, an inspirational one" her mum smiled and passed ally a plate of toast when SMASSSH. The plate smashed all over ally. She holds her head as she realized the ribbons gone "sorry it needed a wash sweetie"

Allys eyes turn the colour of the ribbon, red in fury "I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!" he starts screaming and spitting and yelled out "YOUR NO INSPIRATION FOR ME I HATE YOU" allys mum is heart broken "Ally...just let me quickly wash it I love you okay.." but ally storms out.

Her mum On hot pursuit stands in the next door neighbors driveway "here" she says holding the ribbon out, ally reaches in and the unthinkable happens. BAMM the car reversed into her mum "MUM SHE YELLS"

5 years later:

"mum I have your new wheelchair" yells ally, her mother is now paralyzed and can only move her head. Ally has never worn the ribbon since and neve forgave herself for being so selfish and reminds herself everyday "thank the people that do so much for you"

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23 Dec, 2010
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1 min
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