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The Red Room

The Red Room

By ThePainter

It was a little past midnight when a cab driver picked up a young girl on the corner of the street in a quiet town. She climbed in the cab and politely gave the driver the directions to her house. The cab driver pulled away from the curb and began to drive down the street. They chatted a bit, and after a while the cab driver started to notice how attractive she was. Long, silky black hair, flawless pale skin with rosy cheeks, and a nice, thin body. The driver couldn't help but glance up at her in the rear-view mirror every few seconds. She was just so breath-takingly beautiful.
The only thing that bothered him was that he couldn't see her eyes. Her bangs were so long that they covered up them up. The driver knew that her eyes would be gorgeous along with the rest of her. He tried to keep the conversation going as best he could, hoping that she would look up just enough for him to get a good look at her eyes. But after a while, she still hadn't looked up, and they were getting closer and closer to her house.
"Turn here," the girl said timidly.
The driver turned down a dirt road in the direction of the house. Her house was a small cottage surrounded by an ominous forest that stretched for miles. She had no neighbors and there were no other houses within a mile of the place. The driver drove up to the small home and the girl got out. She thanked him kindly and paid him for his service. The driver watched as she walked up to her front door and unlocked it. After the girl went inside, the driver hesitated. He watched for a few seconds as a couple of dim lights switched on from inside the house.
"Damn, I still didn't get to see her eyes," he said to himself. He paused for a moment, "Well... I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to just take a peek inside... Yeah... Yeah, just one quick look at her eyes and then I'll get outta here."
He took the keys out of the ignition and quickly got out. He crept up the steps to the front door and cautiously looked through the peep hole. He looked around, but for some reason, all he could see was the color red.
"That's odd," he thought, "There must be something blocking the peep hole." Although he had trouble convincing himself. He brushed it off and crept down the steps and over to the living room windows. The lights were on but unfortunately he was just a bit too short to get a good look inside. That, and the fact that the curtains were blocking his view. He went around the side of the house were there were no lights on and the windows were all too high. He went around to the back. He quickly trotted up the back steps and to the back door where the kitchen was. It was to dark in the kitchen to see anything. He went around the other side but still no luck. A bit aggrivated, he stepped up to the front door and looked through the peep hole once more. Still the only thing he could see was a red room.
He was a bit creeped out at this point so he decided just to forget it.
"Whatever this is stupid," he said as he got back in the cab. He was a bit upset with himself for being so nosey just to come up with nothing. He drove back down the dirt path and back to town.
It was almost 1 a.m. when he went to the pub for a drink after work. He ordered his drink and sat down at the bar, still a bit shaken from the creepy atmosphere of the girls house and that mysterious red room.
He asked the bartender, "Hey, um, do you know anything about that girl that lives in that one house in the woods over there?" He proceeded to tell the bartender about how he drove her home and how he couldn't see her eyes behind her hair. He also told him how he looked through her peep hole to see just a red room. When he was done, he noticed the bartender's face had gone white and his eyes were wide in shock. He shook his head slowly in disbelief.
"Man, y-y'know that girl... she..." the bartender's voice quaked.
"Wha- what is it?" said the cab driver stuttered.
The bartender swallowed hard...

"That girl has some kind of disease that makes her entire eye crimson red..."

The End.

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18 Nov, 2012
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4 mins
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