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The next thing I knew I was running, my breath echoing through the empty desolate streets, that were once, so full of life and joy, now empty and devoid of life, Scanning, hoping to see a familiar face, any human face in this wasteland. I stopped in front of a building, the one of the few that seemed not to be infested .I opened the door, that creaking sound echoing through the hallway, CRUNCH, my foot went through something. I looked down frightened to see well, (I actually don’t know but I was afraid), but thankfully it was just a glass cup. I walked into the hallway, it was your typical hotel lobby. With your receptionist desk, your benches, your tables, chairs, chandeliers and all that. I heard the sound of footsteps behind me. I turned around, nothing. “Anyone there?” My voice echoed throughout the hallway. Suddenly I saw a white flash in the corner of my eye. I turned in that direction,nothing, then I heard a pained moan, and then a weak voice. “Help me” “please”.

“Hold on I’m coming.” I said sprinting towards the sound. Then I saw an emaciated figure of a girl, half trapped under a large metal board. “Hang on” I said to her. She nodded, I lifted the board and she slowly shuffled out. She crawled over the nearest wall and got up.

Then she looked at me, that’s when I noticed something wrong, her eyes glittered with malice, and hunger, she looked at me and licked her lips, opened her mouth impossibly wide unhinging it and then splitting it down the middle till it expanded immensely, revealing inch sharp fangs which were stained with something that looked like blood, then launched herself at me with a banshee like wail that sent terror into every molecule of my body.

I was frozen, she was about to pounce on me, I looked around the place and saw a glass shard, it was fairly long, she was inches away from killing me, I waited till the last second, then jumped sideways then dropped to a roll picking up the glass shard then stood up, she didn’t seem to notice my plan because she came running at me again her mouth opened impossibly wide, every part of my body screamed RUN but I didn’t. I sood my ground fighting the terror . Just as she was going to bite my face of I rammed the shard down her gullet and through the back of her neck. She stopped dead her eyes now filled with shock. Then her body went limp and fell down to the floor, something that seemed like a sigh of relief came out of her mouth, then her body disintegrated into fine dust.

I ran out of the hotel, then doubled back in to it, I then went into the kitchen and found their regular selection of knives and picked out a series of small knives into a bag I found in a room near the kitchen, then I picked out some kerosene, a large knife, some matches, a lighter, cloth and a metal pole and a some chocolate because why not.

I then ran out of the hotel, now ready to try and survive in this wasteland(ish) place? I was searching through some rubble when I saw ripples in a puddle of water beside me you know like in Jurassic Park. I turned around, nothing. The ripples were intensifying. I ran to the nearest Police station, I ran to the desk grabbed the master key, went throgh all the lockers I found in the the locker room and in the last one that I yanked opened.I found a shotgun there with some shells and slugs, i took out the gun, then I took a few slugs kept in the corner loaded the gun and shoved it in my bag.

I then ran out of the room and skidded to a halt fighting the urge to run screaming because what I saw, terrified me. It was a 9 foot tall vaguely humanoid figure, with no skin just muscle and tendons, it was something like a cross between a flayed version of nemesis and mutated William from the Resident Evil Series. But much scarier and taller and minus the weapon and thrice muscle. I ran back into the station and found a pair of binoculars. Then I went out and focused on the thing. It seemed to be sniffing for something, yes his nostrils were expanding and his ears were swiveling, I accidently hit my hand against the brick wall, suddenly he looked directly at me and made a low growling sound. Then he came running at me with surprising speed and agility. I waited for a bit, slowly taking out the shotgun, planning on doing the same thing I did with the banshee, waiting till he almost could bite me, Then jumping aside while firing a slug into his gullet, I looked back expecting to see a lifeless corpse but he was only dazed, as he got up and looked straight into my eyes, his mouth opened and an impossibly ddep and rasping voice said “I cannot be put down that easily”

So I did what anyone else would do, I turned around and ran. Occasionally shooting backwards to slow him down. My legs screamed in protest and my chest felt like it was full of glass shards but I kept on running until I found an abandoned railroad tunnel which I use to explore. I went in hoping his size would restrict him as the wall was only 8 feet tall. But I set my hopes too high, he burst open shrinking to about 7.9 ft and came charging at me, my other consolation was that the tunnels were pitch black, I couldn’t see after a time and I was filled with panic running blindly until I saw a green light at the edge of the tunnel I was in, so I ran to It. I was feet away when he came running from behind, I was only inches away from the light when a giant blade erupted from my chest, I turned around to see his hand elongated into a giant blade which was sticking out my chest but I didn’t stop , I launched my hand into the green light,… darkness….

The next thing I knew I was running, my breath echoing through the empty desolate streets, that were once, so full of life and joy, now empty and devoid of life, Scanning, hoping…

Author Notes: This is my first short story so don't be too harsh

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About This Story
11 Jun, 2020
Read Time
5 mins
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