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The Ribbon

The Ribbon

By Angelcakes

Once there was a little boy riding on his bicycle across the street he passed by a girl swinging on a homemade tree swing with a red ribbon tied around her ,neck, he noticed how beautiful she was a didn't even stop to look before he turned into her driveway. He said,"Why,you are the most beautiful creature to walk the earth, but may i ask you a question?" she said,"Thank you and sure." "why do you have a ribbon around your neck?" she said,"i can not tell you that yet." he said,"O.K." Eventually they fell in love and were married.20 years after they were married Rosalie grew ill, very ill.She soon was in her death bed but she was not dead yet.The man said,"When you said that you couldn't tell me about the ribbon yet you knew we would someday fall in love didn't you?" she said,"Yes and thank you for reminding me to tell you about the ribbon." before he could ask her how she knew about them falling in love she untied the ribbon and her head fell off the man cried and cried he said who did this to you her spirit said,"You will find out." He shook his head saying yes.2 days later he got the local newspaper and it said a man was killed and nobody knew how he was killed below that article in black marker it said,"that was me,love Rosalie." the man noticed in the picture of the man that it was him then he realized he was dead and his ghost was here.......

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3 May, 2011
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1 min
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