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The Road Back
The Road Back

The Road Back


I'm haunted by my inability for any kind of mental stability
every night I lay awake as my mind begins to ache
I twist and turn and continue to burn
life is a constant brawl

I write for clarity as I lose my sanity
and descend into madness with growing sadness
I try to cope but I've lost all hope
and really just want to end it all

that I can't do as I'd hurt others too
despite my struggles I'll cause no troubles
my pain is great but I hope to be greater
and climb over this unbreakable wall

through my pain I hope not to strain
the community with which I have unity
instead I pray to this very day
that I may finally make landfall

people still hurt due to many flaws, but I shall never be the cause
this is what stayed when all else swayed
it avoided negation and became my foundation
I had stopped my downfall

I'd begun a mission of rather great ambition
slowly healing with my wounds sealing
it took quite a while but I learned how to smile
I need no longer bawl

there was a time far from my prime
when I lost all I had and got really sad
though I still mourn I am now reborn
and no longer am going to fall

I am now alive and well, no longer in that hell
I wield sword and shield as I've finally healed
safe and sound, once lost, now found
that was merely a close call

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28 Jun, 2020
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1 min
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