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The Rock

The Rock


I watch Nana’s frail body rock in her old wooden rockin’ chair. Papa made that for her when they first came to harmony orchards. It’s still in the same place on the porch where it’s always been.

Mama says that when she and her sister were little, Nana would rock ‘em in that chair. She said Papa would come up behind ‘em and scare ‘em all right out of the chair, into the house. It was their game.

Nana’s been sittin’ in that rocker every day since Papa died a year ago. It happened last August when Mr. Henderson came over the hill that lead to our driveway. He was on his way to give Papa money for the corn he bought. Papa was goin’ into town to drop off some bills. He decided to walk today because of the nice August weather. It was the biggest mistake he made in his life. It was the last mistake of his life.

Nana sits in that chair from sunup to sundown. Only movin’ to eat and get a mason jar of lemonade. It’s been real hard on Nana.

The chair creaks loudly as she stands up and exits into the house. It takes about ten minutes before she comes back outside carrying a picnic basket and a blanket. I watch her as she makes her way down the stairs. Once shes on the grass she turns and says, “You comin’?” No smile. Still.

Her calico skirt brushes across the tall grass. I wonder what she’s thinking. I wonder if it’s about Papa.

We walk a little longer until we get to a lake. Nana takes off her shoes and pulls up her skirt. I to, do the same. She starts to walk out into the water. Basket and blanket in one hand, skirt in the other. What is she doin’? What if she falls? What if I can't help her? “Nana, I don't think this is the best idea.”

She doesn't respond. She keeps walking, so I run in and catch up. “Nana, where are we goin’.” She lets her skirt fall into the water and points to a large rock only a couple steps away.

When we get there she lays out the blanket and sets out some fruits and vegetables.

“Did I ever tell you the importance of this roch?” Nana asked. I shook my head. “ I came out here and sat on this rock everyday. One day this boy came to take a swim, I suppose. He came across my rock and decided to sit on it. When he turned around and saw me sittin’ here he screamed a really high pitched scream. He stopped only to ask my name. I told him Annabelle. He told me Arthur. He told me his dreams and goals I did the same. That's when we decided we were meant to be.”

I looked at Nana and she was smiling a real smile. That's the Nana I know. I've missed her.

Author Notes: tell me if its good

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About This Story
28 Jan, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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