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The Rose Garden for him

The Rose Garden for him

By DianaVictor

When I was a little kid, I always wished to have a friend which can understand me better. I don’t want to play with the kids next door because some of them were too bored to talk with. They don’t want to play the games that I fond of. They asked me to read them book and but never do the same thing for me. They asked me to do everything but never do a thing for me.

That’s why I dislike them. Until one day I saw a little boy which I guess a little bit younger than me playing alone at my house yard. I went out to see him and also to ask him to leave my house area. But, I couldn’t ask him to go away as I saw him playing happily alone there. Without hesitation, I asked him to play together with me. He just agreed and we spend the whole day playing a lot of things. He sang a good song for me and also telling me a story about the “Rose garden”. He told me that the place was the nicest place to go. There were a lot of flowers and tamed animals there. And the garden was take cared by a beautiful fairy with her assistants and they were the most beautiful creatures in the world, he told me. I love to hear the story and I always said to him that one day he could find his dream place.

We became much closed and I always want to give him my toys but he refused. He said that he doesn’t want it because he just wanting to be close to me as I am the only friend he got. Sometimes, I saw wounds in his arm and leg and even at his head. I asked him what happened but he kept on silence and continued to tell me about the Rose garden. I knew that the wounds hurt him a lot but he seemed so happy when he talked about the Rose garden. I draw a beautiful garden with abundance of roses and gave the drawing to him and he really like it. I felt happy too as I knew I helped him to ease the pain. He told me that he’ll give me some roses from the garden later on and I just nodded.

One day, I wish to pay him a visit because I want to give him the fairy doll that I bought from the girl stores. As I reached at his house, I saw him crying heavily at the backyard of his house. He was severely injured and I was too panic as I get him immediately. I asked him what happened and I was crying too with him. He asked me to runaway as his dad will beat me too if he saw me. I left the doll with him and run to my house to call my parent to help him. But when we arrived there, it was too late that he’d dead, beaten by his drunken father. I saw his dead body holding the fairy doll I gave her and I cried. His wicked father was sentenced to death for his fault, abusing his own child. As my own friend died due to child abuset, I wish that one day I could help the other children so that the same thing will never happen again.

Since he passed away, I always wonder what happened to him. Until one night I dreamt about him and the dream seem to be so real. He brought me to a beautiful garden which is full with animals and flowers. He gave me a bunch of roses, which I guess the most beautiful rose I ever saw. He told me that he was happy now as he was take cared by the fairy of the garden. He said that he’ll never forget me even we can’t meet again. I still saw the drawing and the doll I used to give him when he was alive. He took it together with him to the afterlife world. I really miss him and I cried heavily, hugging my friend. He told me not to worry and tell me that I will be there with him if I always being nice in the world. Only if my time has come.
As I opened my eyes, I saw a bunch of roses besides my bed. I felt grateful that he now live happily at his dream place, which I knew… it was Heaven

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9 Nov, 2010
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3 mins
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