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The Scar
The Scar

The Scar

2 Reviews

The Scar

The scar, the unwanted and ugly mark upon which has infested a place in which beauty, once lived. A sloppy pile of tears slowly descend upon the silky and smooth skin. The mutilation of the body. The shattered soul of a young figure, was all that remained...

Hazel woke up on Monday, October 25th, bright and early. Today was going to be an amazing day. She pictured what she would wear, how much fun she would have with her family, and how much excitement she would discover in one day. She could almost perfectly picture every detail, every fraction of time, every place, and everyone. She had been planning this day for months. She worked out every little detail and now finally the wait is over. Hazel jumped out of her very soft and comfortable bed and ran over to her closet. With great care she lifted the sparkling, red, sleeveless dress from the dark corner where it sat untouched and waiting for that special moment to be used.

Hazel slipped into the dress and took a quick look in the mirror. She looked at the sparkles shining when touched every so gently by the beautiful sun. She saw a beautiful cascade of strawberry blonde hair in little curls fall down to her waist. Hazel closely examined her vibrant gray eyes and beautiful red lips. She smiled and grabbed her black purse which was on top of her wooden desk and walked out of her bedroom. She quickly glanced down the hallway and noticed that all the bedroom doors were open. She closed her door and as she began to head down the stairs she heard the silent whispers of her family members. Hazel hobbled down the stairs and ran to greet them.

Each of her family members turned away from the table and got up to greet her. They all got up in unison and gave her the biggest hug they could muster. Hazel was delighted! She always loved receiving hugs, they made her feel safe and loved. Hazel smiled at them and walked over to the table where her breakfast was awaiting. She quickly grabbed it and followed her family into the car. They all piled in the red Toyota Highlander like sardines. Hazel chose to sit in the back of the car. She wanted to watch every tree, every bird, every cloud, and every car. She wanted to take it all in and remember this day forever. Hazel watches as the white fluffs slowly passed through the sky. She noticed the birds were all chirping in unison. The melody they created was beautiful, it was as if they were composers that naturally created masterpieces. She noticed how the sun touched the trees with it’s light. It is absolutely astounding! This day truly is extraordinary! Hazel thought.

The car turned onto a narrow road passing through the mountains. Hazel knew they had to pass through the mountains to get there. She couldn’t wait to get to the celebration. Everyone she knew would be there. She knew her plans were all coming together. Hazel looked out the window once more, and really took in the terrain of the mountains. The trees all growing on a slant and they were all tall and skinny. She carefully took in the smell of the woods. The smell of pine trees, smoke, and rain.

Then all of the sudden, the car swerved. She saw a blue Honda pilot cruise by with a dent in the front near the engine. Her father was desperately trying to gain control of the car while her mother was yelling at him to give him advice. Zander was a mess. He had tears in his eyes as the car continued to move as if it had a mind of its own. Hazel gripped onto the seat with pure terror. The car was making its way to a big rock, near a huge group of trees. Tears started pouring out of her eyes. This was not supposed to happen, it was supposed to be a special day. Her detailed plans ruined. The car sure enough found its way into the giant rock completely smashing the front of the car. Hazel’s head flew back as the car rush into the rock. She was dizzy and she could feel blood trickling down her leg. More tears streamed down her eyes. Her dress was torn and her hair was a tangled mess.

Hazel reached out to grab the seat in front of her but found that her hand wouldn’t move. It was as if a heavy rock was placed on top of it. She looked down and noticed that there was a sharp shard embedded in her arm, the red goo spilling out of her arm, and the big bruise that followed. She noticed her parents and brother were gone. Everything she loved gone within a blink. Every moment they shared racing through her head like a jet. She would never see her brother’s face light up when she came home from work. She would never be able to go grocery shopping with her her mother ever again. Worst of all, she would never be able to receive a hug from either one of them. She would never be able to say another word to them. Hazel sat there in a pile of darkness as her tears poured out. The day that was supposed to celebrate her own birth was the day she would be alone without anyone to comfort her. Even worse she would have a scar to remind her of this day forever.

Author Notes: This is my first Story so please give me reviews and suggestions as to what to change or about what to write next. I also apologize if the story is a bit boring or kind of bad, this is my first one. Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate it!

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19 Nov, 2016
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