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The School Of Horror 2

This story has some quality issues

The School Of Horror 2

By Myrawiles

After the black shadow told her she will never know she asked why. The shadow said don't ever ask why to us ghosts she said ok but what will happen? They told her they have to take her to a hot boiling pot of lava and burn her. She screamed they told her to be quiet or she will wake up the dead and the master. She asked who the master was they only told her he will definitely kill her if she doesn't stay quiet.she said ok.

after that day was done she went to go to bed but then a huge dark black shadow showed up in her parent's room the mom screamed. Mya her mom yelled come quick. Mya went into the room crying because her father had died she must have woken up the master and he killed her dad. Mya's mom cried and Mya never talked about her hidden sister who is hidden to where no one will find her.

Her name is Ellie she is now 12 years old and had a birthday just a month ago. When Mya's dad died her mom said honey go check on Ellie keep her safe take the key and you too lock your selves in there. Mya told her mom no she won't leave her mom so then her mom came with her. There was a terrible storm. It made 7 houses fall to the ground. Mom Mya called to get in. Mya, you are so brave her mom says Ellie said I'm so happy you guys are here.

Author Notes: Go check out a third one that I will post on January the 16th like and go check out more on January 16th you guys are awesome!!!:)


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13 Jan, 2017
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