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The Scrambled Anna Graham
The Scrambled Anna Graham

The Scrambled Anna Graham

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

I am Anna Graham
Anna Graham I am --
With letters and words
I like to play around.

From here to there
From there to here
Hidden words
Are everywhere.

I eat scrambled eggs.
I see scrambled jets.
But what's even better
Is to scramble letters.

I've been found
To nag a ram.
No need to frown
To happen it's bound
When I switch around
The parts of anagram.

Am I the only one
Who lets out a "wow"
When own becomes won
And then won becomes now?

Do you understand
How a gentleman
Becomes an elegant man?
By the switcheroo ruse
Of the versatile anagram.

I love to see a butterfly
Flutter-by my eye.
This is what I get
When letters are switched
Ever so slight.

I went to the cinema
To catch a nice flick.
There I met an iceman
And he held an ice pick.
This sorta thing happens
When letters get switched.

My parents are eternal fans
Of this gyrating rocker-man
(I think my dad called him Elvis
Right before he cracked his pelvis
From doing his darndest
To cut a jig) --
I thought this "king" was history
Then I hear a crazy conspiracy:
Something interesting is found
When his name becomes an anagram
And that something is...
Elvis Lives!

I visited my sis at college.
On her I dropped some knowledge:
"This place is a disgrace!
It could really use a broom."
But with shock on her face
My sissy to me did say:
"Anna Graham! Anna Graham!
Of all people around
You should know better.
I can't help that the letters
In dormitory turn into
Dirty boom!"

In Sunday School I was told
A story that's really kinda old
About a kid named David
And a giant named Goliath
Who lived in a time so long ago.
The big fella got leveled
(So the tale goes)
By this kid David
And a lone stone.
What I later found out
(It made me want to shout)...
If I rearrange the "liath"
And mess around with "Go"
What do I get?
This lesson and this message...
Well what do ya know?

Oh what new things can be found
When you use this thing the anagram
To scramble letters all around!

Yours truly,
Anna Graham

©️ Matt Decker

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Matt Decker
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21 May, 2018
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1 min
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