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The Search


There was a time before humans. And there was a time before the sun. And this is the story about how they united.

When God created the earth and the humans, he didn't realize that they needed the sunlight to survive. The humans made it for a short while, until the food went out, the grain wouldn't grow, and the people got dangerously ill. They started dying from illness, or they starved to death. So they begged. They prayed to God for help. They wanted light to touch the earth.

And God saw it all. But he didn't know what he could do. Until he saw a sudden couple. They were both happy, just because they had eachother. The woman had a willpower like a storm. And she was beautiful as she was blessed. But the man, the man was so pure and kind. He beamed of light and love to every being he came over. Yet, there wasn't one person who gt more love, than her. God looked at him and knew what this man did for his fellowman.

So God wanted to give the man a reward. He wanted to give him a longer lifetime than he ever could imagine. He wanted to give him the possibility to see the whole world. And see the people that would praise him for the gift God was about to give him.

The day after, the sun rose up to the sky, and the man was gone.

He was now bound to give the world light and life in all human eternity. He was forced to see his beloved grow old without him in silence. To him, this was a curse. Not a blessing. The woman woke up by the ray of sunlight in her face. And when she realized that he was gone, the light in her heart dissapeared. She didn't know where he was, but she promised to herself that she would find him. And she walked. Every day and night. She saw the grass turn green. She saw the fields filled with grain. The people danced.

But she didn't care. She just kept walking.

And when her feet bled, and she couldn't walk anymore, she dragged herself with her arms. Her eyes were always in tears. And every day he had to watch her without her knowing.

God saw this, and realized what he had destroyed. so he sent profets to spread the words about her. And about love. Explain what it is. But he could not take away the sun and the light that he promised the people to give.

When the woman got old and very ill, she stopped her journey. He stared straight in the face of God himself, and showed him her endless pain and sorrow before she collapsed to the ground in her old dirty clothes. There she died, and she is right there, right now. The sun shines extra much over her grave, so the warmth will reach down to her, and over the whole continent.

There is never cold. There is never snowing. There isn't much grass. But to be honest, the sun doesn't really care. And the people who lived there, got darker skin. The warmth became heat, and troubled the people. And the food became more valuable.

And until the day the sun dies out, they will continue to live in the heat.

This is the story of how their love to eachother made history.

The end.

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9 Aug, 2016
Read Time
2 mins
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