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The Secret: Chapter Two
The Secret: Chapter Two

The Secret: Chapter Two

Andrew_And_AnaThe Clingy Bestfriend

Few hours later..

Author's POV

"I'm going back to the dorms guys." Izuku says, but the group ignores him. Mina looks up from the card game they're playing.

"I'll come with you." She says. Everyone's drunk besides Izuku and Mina.

"Okay," he says, and makes sure he has his phone and wallet. Yup. Mina moves around the table and they head out.

"Why was Dabi hanging out with us?" Mina asks Izuku.

"Umm, he just didn't have anyone else--"

"Cut the lies. I'm a human lie detector." Mina says.

"Fine," he sighs. "Dabi's my secret boyfriends, AFO is my Dad, Shigiraki is my brother, and Toga is my best friend--aside from you."

"Spill the rest of the tea. I won't tell." Her eyes are wide.

"Okay. I'm planning on finishing the rest of this year in UA, then I'm moving.. somewhere. Bakugo's a bad boyfriend, and I love Dabi. If the pro heros found out my dad's AFO, they'll kick me out before I get as much training as possible."

"Can I meet them?" She asks him.

"Sure. Lemme message Dabi."

<le messages>

Izuku: Can u get Kurogiri 2 teleport Toga, Dad, Shiggy, and you a few blocks away from UA?

Dabi: *no reply*

Dabi: K.

Dabi: Y?

Izuku: Mina found out. She wants to meet u guys.

Dabi: Finally spilled ur secret?

Izuku: She is a human lie detector!

Dabi: Sure.. We're on our way.


"Kuro's making a portal a few blocks away from UA. Oh, there they are." Izuku points to a purple-black portal, then the group jumps through it and Kurogiri closes it.

Izuku teleports them so they're in front of Dabi and Toga. "Hey, Wolfie." Dabi says and pulls Izuku in for a hug.

"Hey. Mina, meet the Dabi, Shiggy, Toga, Hisash - hey dad - and Kurogiri," Izuku introduces them, and Toga bombards Mina with questions. Shiggy and Hisashi are talking about a mission.

Izuku's POV

One day later..

I go to the computer, and open Google up. Where is the LOV base?

I pull out my phone and call Dad.

<The call>

Me: Hey Dad. Since this year at UA is almost over, can I get where the LOV base is? I want to enroll to a community college or something.

Dad: Sure, it's actually a block away from RSHS.

Me: And.. what does that stand for?

Dad: Reading Senior High School.

Me: Got it. Bye.

<End of call>

I search up the school, and it's exterior is copper brown, looks like there is two or three stories, and tons of windows. I write the school down and the number in my notebook.

I decide to go to the craft store, so I change out of my pajama's and grab my wallet and phone, then teleport to the craft store. I am welcomed by the store owner, a lady that is very energetic and is very supportive about what someone wants. "Hey, Izuku!" She says. "Here for the usual supplies?"

"Er, no. I need some dark red paint and dark gold paint. Also some paint rollers. I can probably find it, but I might need some help."

"Oh, of course! I'll be in the back if you need help finding anything." She skips off to the backroom, and I make my way to the paint isle.

At this store, you can mix paint if you have to or want to. I scan the red section, but don't find the right color, so I grab a small tube of black paint and a can of red paint, then mix them together, and get the right color. I go to the gold paint and grab one, then go to the stencil area, and grab a few of those. I see a wolf one, and decide to get one.

I head over to the paint brush isle, and grab paint rollers and paint brushes, then go check out.

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The Clingy Bestfriend
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14 Jun, 2021
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