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The Secret Life of Jezzi Bernt...

The Secret Life of Jezzi Bernt...

By amiee_123

The darkness viewed overhead- the weather was changing. I sat and watched as lighting lit up the darkened skies. As each minute went by it was getting muggier and muggier-the air feeling stuffy and able to choke. I slowly got to my feet and went inside-I couldn’t wait in this weather. But wait is the only thing I could do until he came, so far I’ve been waiting for at least the past two hundred years, that’s what happens when you rely on a vampire to do your dirty work. I started to make my way over to the shed I had when I heard familiar footsteps, heavy-shoes dragging slightly on the ground. I made a sharp turn- he stood there, not saying a word. Staring into my eyes, I stared back deeply- able to see his terrible past.
“What took you so long?” I asked, keeping my gaze, trying to read his posture, which was surprisingly straight. “I got caught up, if you know what I mean?” he replied. “You weren’t there for me!” she yelled at him, “and I’m sorry for that, Jezzi”, he still stood there, but suddenly moved when he felt Jezzi look too deep into his past. “After all these years you still remember my name, but yet you stand there, no respect or sympathy among those who died waiting for you”. “I’ve already said I’m sorry, what more do you want from me, huh? And I don’t recall you remembering my name!” he returned his gaze looking deep into Jezzi’s eyes-a flint of lilac with a touch of blue. “Nobody knows your name, you were gone too long” Jezzi teased “but lucky for me Sid, my memory is better than all the elders”. Sid stood there, socked that Jezzi could remember his name over a long period of time. “Your very smart for your age Jezzi” he complimented her. “Yeah well, I learnt from the best, didn’t I?”
They had stood there for what seemed like hours, just gazing into each other’s eyes. Sid hadn’t changed much-in Jezzi’s opinion. He still had his surfer blonde hair, along with his eyes. His eyes were his own prized precession, they always changed color, the last time Jezzi had seen him they were a dark moronic color where as now they were a deep hazel-blue. She knew he’d thought the same as her. Jezzi had changed a fair bit. The last time Sid had seen her she was small-a child and she always had her hair color changed, but as for now she’d decided to keep it a faded caramel-blonde. “So did you bring it?” Jezzi finally asked. “I bought what’s left of it” Sid replied, holding up a shredded scroll. “What happened to it?” she asked. He snorted a laugh, “you send me out and don’t expect anything to happen?” He took control of himself, “Eagles, no wait, vultures came down on me on my way back. They seemed to of known something about the scroll”, “well do you know what?”, “no I had to dodge them and run for cover” he scrunched his face up, which made Jezzi laugh. His face turned bright red as he smiled.


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About The Author
About This Story
9 Jun, 2010
Read Time
2 mins
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