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The Secret Rainbow Parrot
The Secret Rainbow Parrot

The Secret Rainbow Parrot

MizanurRoshidCHYMizanur Roshid Chowdhury

I used to climb on the roof every evening and sit on the rocking and think about her. One day, like every day, I suddenly saw; Unusual light began to come out of those big stars in the distant sky above my head. I immediately became restless to do a live show on Facebook. Within seconds a ray of light filled the ray and landed on my chest. I want to make a sound to tell everyone in amazement ... but at that moment the bird grabbed my lips with its two lips. I got it! Well, I will not say. "You're My Secret Parrot"
Me: But why the seven colors of the rainbow in your body?
Parrot: Silent
Me: Why aren't you talking? I have heard of parrot can be coping human sounds, they can also chirp.
Parrot: I've been recognizing your voice for just a moment. It takes me 5 minutes to recognize any voice.
Me: Ha ha ha! Do you see that you have become a Google Assistant? Now I see you can talk.
Parrot: Well you saw me, don't tell anyone? Promise?
Me: I said with a laugh
Parrot: It should not be said orally. Promise to hold my wings?
Me: Well, Tia, I'm sure. Tell me first, are you a Aliens? That's mean you come from another planet? Why the seven colors of the rainbow in your body?
Parrot: I'm not an alien. The Creator sent me to you. Suppose I am a good soul or a good angel. He has decorated me in seven colors.
Me: Well, what would I call you? Rainbow, rainbow then Ram + bird, no it is not, Rampankhi! Oh, I got it, from now on I will call you Rampankhi. All right? What do you say
Parrot: All right, baba.
Rampankhi: Whom were you thinking about a while ago?
Me: I said in my mind, I was terrified. Isn't it?
Rampankhi: Well, can we be friends?
Me: Oh, of course! Why not
Rampankhi: Well, from now on I will always be by your side.
Me: Come on, you don't always have to be around again. I will go downstairs now and then eat and lie down.
Rampankhi: I will go down with you.
Me: What is this? Excuse me? Can everyone see you?
Rampankhi: Only you can see me.
Me: What are you talking about?
Rampankhi: If you don't believe me, I am riding on your shoulder.
Persevere! It came up on my neck. I entered the dining room in fear. Everyone is treating me normally. This time I realized that the colorful bird is right. I wake up suddenly in the middle of the night! Rampankhi said what happened to you? I said I saw you. Just to take a look like her. Then I touch the bird, it's okay, I'm actually dreaming.
Rampankhi: What did you see in your dream?
Me: Well speaking ... I was seeing that girl in a dream. Every evening I get up on the roof and look at the stars, thinking about her. You know what She still thinks of me, bird?
Rampankhi: Look here
Me: Oh! You! Samia! Samia! Samia! How is this possible? How did you get to my room? Even after so many years! Am I not dreaming?
Rampankhi: Not at all, I'm back!
Me: No, you are not that person? Whom I think every moment. Your voice is not like her.
Rampankhi: I changed my form and said, "Yes, you are right. I am not what you have seen."
Me: Will you help take her to my dearest friend? I searched a lot, I also asked her brother. He also seems to have ignored talking. I don't know where she is today.
Rampankhi: Are your eyes look like crying?
Me: Where is it?
Rampankhi: You calm down, it will not be right for us to go at this moment. Because the weather is very bad and at the moment I get no signal from heaven. We have to wait until tomorrow.
Me: All right. Then I speculated all night.
The next day ... it was morning but I felt bad. I will leave this world this evening. This building room, family and plants have to leave everything.
Rampankhi: Why are you thinking in vain? You will have nothing to do with me. But there is a state, there will be many obstacles when going there. Don't be afraid, I will show you everything.
Me: Finally it's time for us to go. Rampankhi became a monster by praying to God. I rode on her back and started my journey towards heaven with the speed of light. In a few nanoseconds we set foot in heaven. Our purpose is to find my dear friend. Whenever we entered the kingdom, it started raining fire, then it started arche flowing again. After it was over, a flock of vultures came and chased us. I was dealing with this for a moment but I was not harmed. Suddenly I remembered the bird. I looked back and saw that the whole body, including the wings of the Rampankhita, was burnt. She said you only have 5 minutes. Can you see the rays in the so far distance? The bird said with a sigh. If I look back my backwards then I'll be loosing too much years of light. And at the same time he said that as soon as you reach there, all the secrets of your life will be revealed. I finally arrived successfully and found out that my dear friend had gone to heaven a few years ago. He will never return to earth. Hearing this, I also said loudly, wait! I'm coming too...

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About The Author
Mizanur Roshid Chowdhury
About This Story
16 Nov, 2020
Read Time
4 mins
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