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The secret service is not so secret

The secret service is not so secret

By Qwerxy

Well I've put the pieces together. Wondering how they managed to devote the resources to monitoring me. To being able to convert friends into spies in attempt to get information out of me. The blatant disregard they have for my own privacy. To the bizarre of using dating apps and having their wife send me nudes even in attempt to bait me into a meetup just to be redirected to a shock site. I've baited them hard and I've strung them along to their disappointment I have nothing they're looking for. I'm not a hardened charlitan, and I don't do fraud. Yet their appetite for an easy felony conviction on someone who would easily be found guilty by a federal jury due to their criminal record alone. I'm not the savory type they convert to use for their bidding. They will have no issue slapping me with a couple years in their corrections facility, I know what I signed up for. And I knew the risks I was taking. There's no victim to anything I've done. There's no illegitimate earned penny that's touched me, yet they have no issue getting someone on a conspiracy charge. Seeing how this will play out will be cruel for both parties. They maybe know that I know. They don't know I've got no interest in sticking around to say the very least. To go to Cancun for a permanent vacation where I'll blend in? Or keep brushing up on my Russian and never have to look over my shoulder again by flying to the baltics? We'll find out. Due to time constraints it's probably not the most favorable idea currently to be waiting on a passport. I know I only have a few more months and my days being numbered there's no value in retaining citizenship in this laughing stock of a country. Regardless of having kids, being ostracized from everyone it serves no purpose for their best interest to stick around as surely I'll be even more useless behind bars.

Author Notes: Just a techie who flied a bit too close to the sun. Trying to keep focus on things of importance.

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13 Oct, 2020
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